Suaram vows to press on with Scorpene expose

Nigel Aw (Mkini)
1:25PM Sep 18, 2012

The French probe into alleged kickbacks in the Malaysian government’s procurement of Scorpene submarines will continue regardless of the clampdown on Suaram, the human rights NGO said today.

“We have just been informed by our lawyers that the Scorpene case will continue even if the government decides to charge us or do anything else to us.

“The action will have no bearing on our case in France,” Suaram secretariat member Cynthia Gabriel said when contacted.

Cynthia also criticised Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s announcement that the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) will recommend to the Attorney-General’s Chambers today the charges to file against Suaram’s vehicle Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd.ops scorpene dinner 220711 cynthia gabriel

“When Ismail made that announcement, the directors on our board and executive directors were still in the CCM headquarters, being questioned.

“How can the minister make his conclusion when the investigation is still going on in the CCM building? It is unwarranted and questionable,” Cynthia said.

‘Nothing wrong with Suara Inisiatif’s accounts’

Suara Inisiatif directors Kua Kia Soong and Yeoh Seng Guan, Suaram executive director E Nalini and its management and finance coordinator Diane Savari were until 1pm today still being questioned by CCM officers.

Cynthia also rebutted Ismail’s claim that the accounts of Suara Inisiatif were “confusing” and that its activities were inconsistent with what had been reported in its accounts.

“We have sat down with the company secretary and auditors and gone through the accounts, we have found nothing wrong.

“We have also gone through this with officers from CCM. We maintain that there is nothing wrong with our accounts,” she added.

Cynthia said that if the CCM was confident that Suaram’s vehicle had done wrong, it should not hesitate in coming clean on what was the exact charge that the commission wants to bring against the NGO.


3 thoughts on “Suaram vows to press on with Scorpene expose

  1. This is he action of a very very desperate party. they might as well do while they still can because these lackeys of the scumbags and parasites of Umno will surely not be around after the coming GE. They will be in hiding and some will be abroad to avoid be indicted for the crimes they have committed.

  2. Nampak Sangat dilihat sebagai Usaha Kerajaan untuk menutup mulut Suaram supaya tidak lagi membangkit Kes Scandal Scopene yang membabit DS Najib Razak sebagai Menteri Pertahanan pada masa itu dan Razak Baginda PA beliau serta Broker dalam “Deal” Scopene !

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