Demonising PAS (again), are we? — Ali Kadir

AUG 19 -TMI — As Sherlock Holmes says, it is elementary. I am, of course, referring to this protracted attempt by Chua Soi Lek, the MCA and its rag sheet, The Star, to make people fear PAS.

Firstly, let me point out that it was none other than the most destructive politician in Malaysian history, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who declared this country an Islamic state. Not one squeak was heard from any of the MCA leaders.

One can only conclude that they were afraid to lawan with abang besar, Umno, or that they were busy scheming get-rich-quick schemes, likes PKFZ.

Instead of getting caught up in he-said-they-said polemics, Malaysians should just compare the politicians on both sides of the divide and their characters.

I believe we have more to fear from MCA than PAS. History has proven that MCA is a eunuch in BN and consists of politicians more keen on their personal welfare than that of the common man.

Who would you pick?

1) Chua Soi Lek or Nik Aziz Nik Mat

2) Liow Tiong Lai or Mat Sabu

3) Ng Yen Yen or Dr Siti Mariah

4) Wee Ka Siong or Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad

5) Kong Chong Ha or Khalid Samad

6) Chor Chee Heung or Dr Rani Osman

7) The Star or Harakah

When I look at those PAS leaders, I don’t run for cover or feel trepidation at the onset of some theocracy. I know I will get honesty from many of them. I might not agree with all they do or say. But when I look at that MCA line-up, I know what to expect from them: a big zero.

BTW: These days not much differentiates The Star from Harakah. Both are party organs.

* Ali Kadir reads The Malaysian Insider.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider.


3 thoughts on “Demonising PAS (again), are we? — Ali Kadir

  1. If electing PAS is so bad for the Chinese, why are there so many Chinese living and growing rich in the state that PAS is running ? Also the leaders of PAS are not caught with their pants down like the porn artist MCA leader ? All he really wants is that all his promiscuous acts will not penalised and most important of all to have the limbs of all the MCA lackeys remain intact for the corruptions of the lackeys are committing !

  2. MCA now stands for Make Chinese Angry. They are extremists – extremely desperate. They now try to claw back some Chinese support.

  3. The State Assemblies of at least two States including Kelantan have passed the hudud laws but they remain non-implementable because the Federal Constitution does not provide for that. Unless and until it becomes operational in such States that have enacted them, there is no way for one to know whether the State Governments would allow hudud laws to work, first initially and later on perennially, in a fair and equitable manner for the betterment of the larger Muslim society without applying such laws on non-Muslims or infringing their full rights as enjoyed presently. Given the sincerity, honesty and piousness of the top PAS leadership, I am of the view that hudud laws are in safe hands and they can be implemented without upsetting the umah of moderate Muslims as well as the non-Muslims. However the danger can come unseen. What is there to prevent the ultra conservatives or a fringe group to take over the leadership of PAS from fair minded moderates (as now) in time to come?
    One way would be to restrict a State Assembly’s power to implement hudud laws for the term of its office and to require each subsequent State government, upon taking office, to secure a fresh mandate in the house to allow for the extension of hudud laws for a further 5 year period. This way it will be the people who will decide if they want or do not want hudud laws to continue and if they want, whether to elect moderate or non- moderate leaders of a party running for public office.

    PAS wants hudud laws and lately an Umno faction in Johore is also rooting for the same. It cannot be discounted that if situation warrants UMNO can ignite an isolated fire into prairie fire.

    It is an opportune time for both PR and UMNO (BN) to get together and brain storm to amend the Federal Constitution (and the Parliamentary Election Act?) to the mutual benefit of both, since they control parliament overwhelmingly at present, on two matters:

    Allow for a Stat Government to implement hudud laws along, but not limited to the provisions and safeguards mentioned above

    Ban party hopping. Any MP who resigns from or is sacked by his party automatically loses his seat.
    (There should be no debarment for him to re-contest in a by-election called to fill the vacancy either as an independent or as a candidate of a different party as he might have resigned from his previous party because of disagreement over particular policies or on a matter of principle). This has added significance in view of the impending GE. The result is predicted to be a touch and go affair for both BN and PR. Possibly neither coalition may get the required majority and there is going to be a lot of horse trading and millions on offer ( particularly from UMNO/BN) to buy over MPs from the opposite side. PR or BN should file a motion/bill on this at the next siting of parliament to show their principled stand and their abhorrence to camp switching or buying of MPs).

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