Merdeka theme: Might is not right, Rais

Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz (FMT) | August 10, 2012

Once Umno’s grip on the monopoly of defining being Malay is debunked, then Umno itself is broken.

What is the Umno ethos? It’s the culture more in line with the beasts in the jungle – where might is right and the herd instinct prevails.

Power in the hand of Umno becomes a dangerous tool and so Umno becomes a menace to everyone, especially the Malays.

Because of this ethos, you find Umno’s information chief Ahmad Maslan declaring that the theme for “our” Merdeka is for Umno to define.
You also get to hear Information, Communications, and Culture

Minister and Umno veteran Rais Yatim condescendingly tell everyone not to dismiss “our” Merdeka despite differences of opinions.

“Our” Merdeka is not Umno’s. “Our” Merdeka is not for Umno to own.
In which case who is Rais to make light of others unlike him who are equally patriotic when it comes to Merdeka?

As for Ahmad Maslan, we’ll will let him be minister in Sungai Buloh soon where the majority of Umno members will hold their AGM in the very near future.

We like it that Umno remains unchanging while the rest of society moves forward.
It will become extinct because the Umno ethos prevents it from adapting.

Rogue Umno

Umno must be ready to accept that not all Malays subscribe to its struggle and agenda. Umno has simply gone rogue and doesn’t deserve allegiance and loyalty by the majority of Malays.

It’s the mark of the highest self-righteousness when any Umno leader and his supporters describe Umno’s struggle as sacred while that of others, profane.

That’s the Umno arrogance.

Once defeated, Umno will take a long time to recover because it simply does not have leadership of substance.
Its members seem to be united more because of their herd instinct of needing to be just together in order to have safety in numbers.

They are not in Umno as a result of the strength of their convictions.

As long as Umno can maintain a near monopoly on defining what being a Malay means, then it can sustain itself.
Once its grip on the monopoly of defining being Malay is loosened or the myth that Umno represents Malay is debunked,

Umno itself is broken.

The writer is a former Umno state assemblyman but joined DAP earlier this year. He is a FMT columnist.

One thought on “Merdeka theme: Might is not right, Rais

  1. The scumbags and parasites of Umno are not Malays and to make them Malays they passed legislations on how to be Malays ! You are either born a Malay or not and there are no two ways about it. Allah will decide who are to be born Malays and how to dress like one or eat like one, don’t make you a Malay. Period.
    Only in Malaysia when a descendant of an Indian pariah can call himself as one and to make it legal all the half breeds passed legislation in Umno to call themselves Malays. If you are born a Malay regardless of what you wear or eat, you will always be a Malay. Umno was put together by a group of half breeds and human beings and it will never under any circumstances replace or take the place of Allah, and they don’t have the right of Allah to make a Chinese, an Indian or an Arab to be a Malay. Why are these Umno made Malays just like the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir and all the half breeds so determined to be known as Malays ? Just so they can enjoy all the benefits and privileges that only Malaysia can provide and most of all to rob and steal from Malaysia.
    Look around you where has all the wealth of this nation is endowed with ? They are all in the foreign accounts of these Umno made Malays just like the shenanigan , his family, his proxies and all his cronies.
    When the country is bled dry and go bankrupt all these scumbags and parasite will disappear into foreign countries and calling themselves anything other than Malays ? Why do you think the shenanigan is fighting so hard now that the GE is around the corner because deep down he knows it is the last chance for him to remain in this country. Just like a choke when it has its throat cut it will put up a struggle of its life even though it will be the last struggle of his life. Death will come inevitably, regardless of how hard a struggle it is putting up !

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