Rafizi’s arrest more to do with LRT exposé?

Harakahdaily,  01 August 2012

Aug 1: The arrest this morning of PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli over his involvement in revealing shocking financial misappropriation in the National Feedlot Corporation was greeted by statements of support from Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

Rafizi (pic) was arrested at his house to be charged under the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (BAFIA), hours after a report confirmed that the Ampang LRT extension project had been awarded to a joint venture between Lion Pacific and George Kent, the latter a company which Rafizi earlier revealed as having failed an evaluation test for the job. 

Also charged today was bank clerk Johari Mohamad for his alleged role in exposing bank accounts linked to the NFC.

Rafizi himself could not help linking his arrest to the LRT exposé.

“(Is it) mere coincidence that the contract for the Ampang LRT extension to George Kent was announced yesterday and I was picked up this morning? Next week I will be facing the (hearing of the Shahrizat Abdul Jalil) defamation suit,” he was quoted by news portal Malaysiakini.

PAS Kuala Selangor member of parliament Dzulkefly Ahmad who was with Rafizi this morning at the Shah Alam court said he was convinced the charge was to deflect from the scandal involving the LRT project.

According to him, the haste in which Rafizi was being dragged to court signalled desperation on the part of prime minister Najib Razak, adding that more “blunders” were in the pipeline.

“This will put Najib’s administration to extreme disrepute. The messenger is exposed and criminalised! What message do we want to send to all well-wishers of democracy that is open and transparent?” asked Dzulkefly.

Rafizi had last month produced documents showing George Kent, a company which supplied water metre readers, marked as being not qualified for the job. However, he alleged that Najib had interfered to ensure the company, owned by his friend Tan Kay Hock, would get the lucrative contract worth more than RM1 billion.

DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang said the prosecution of Rafizi showed Najib’s ‘iron fist’ at work.

“Greatest crime in UMNO-BN Malaysia is not corruption but expose of corruption. Janji Ditepati,” he remarked, mocking the controversial Merdeka theme.

“Country and good sensible Malaysians behind you. You have put Najib in national and international dock. GTP, ETP etc in tatters,” he told Rafizi.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim meanwhile applauded Rafizi for his courage in exposing the NFC and the LRT extension project.

PAS Youth meanwhile described Rafizi’s arrest as part of BN’s “politics of vengeance”.

“This nation is going on the path of destruction if the crime of corruption is ignored while action is taken against whistleblowers. Such politics of vengeance, punishing an individual for speaking the truth, is a despicable act by those who reject truth,” said the wing’s vice-head Raja Ahmad al-Hiss meanwhile in a statement.

RAFIZI ARRESTED after George Kent awarded LRT deal: Scorpene fear grips Najib? (Malaysia Chronicle)

7 thoughts on “Rafizi’s arrest more to do with LRT exposé?

  1. the impossible has been made possible, the inevitable made evitable,the unbelievable made believable…..insanity is flavor of the day, send in the clowns !

  2. I thought the PM has learnt something, but it seems he’s too thick to understand that the “Rakyat” are more attuned to his misuse of power and will vote him out soon. Wonder why UMNO has not cleared out this “biawak hidup” ?

  3. This is the last straw! All Malaysians should set a date/time and join in a picket outside BNM and Bukit Aman to show our disgust and shame. Publicly acknowledged and known thieves, robbers of the treasury are not arrested. Big time money launderings are overlooked. What the heck is going on in PDRM and BNM? Are there any Malaysians working in these two “independent” law enforcement and regulation agencies in our country? If there are, wake up, join hands and stop the rot! Save our country from destruction!

  4. Let us place the issue in proper perspective before jumping to unnecessary conclusions.
    Rafizi courageously raised the issues of both the NFC case and that of the LRT. In that process i presume to support his case which is admirable some so call transgression of BAFIA and other statutes did happen but final legal conclusion yet to be made by the courts of law. That is the gist of what has happenned.
    All of us Malaysian Citizens including Pakatan and the Bar Council believe in upholding the law. My point is let the law take care its due process. Rafizi fully well knows or would have been advised the legality of his revelations. I guess he made the brave decision to proceed and i guess he must have weighed the consequences and accept it for whatever reason. it is a courageous act.
    But he must be aware that there are other means to reveal such information that will not lead to a breach of our laws. There is Parliement and various committees that can be utilised.
    The sanctity and rule of law must be upheld no matter who we are as long as we are Malaysian citizens. That is paramount. Everyone must accept that.
    The issue of the injustice of the law and the action against Rafizi is not the point no matter how good the relevations in terms of the quality of governance of the administration. That is a seperate issue.
    Or else we will have a lawless society and anarchy.
    That is the problem with our current political leaders. They make noise when it suits them. This is typical of the Pakatan administration. We have a chief minister brandishing freedom of the press yet refuse to even allow certain reporters from attending his press conference. We have another CM who sack a political leader for misuse of position and contract but do not do so on another who did the same thing. We have pretender of the throne trying to snare other MPs to cross the party line to form a coalition govt and at the same time trying to hold the sanctity of the votes of the raakyat.
    All these hypocrisy must stop if Pakatan do not want to lose credibility.
    Rafizi did an excellent job making those revelations. But his political peers did not advise him the correct manner and alternatives. All i can say his peers are just rabble rousers. If Palkatan wants to govern with proper governance then it is high time they respect the law even though they disagree with it. When you are in power change it.

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