So, what is the real crime here? – Dr Kamal Amzan

JULY 27 (TMI) Kamal Amzan —

PEMANDU said on July 10 that Malaysia’s crime index fell by 10.1 per cent between January and May this year.

Well, that was what PEMANDU said.

Just last week, the newspapers reported that a businessman became the latest victim of a robbery in a shopping mall car park in Petaling Jaya. Earlier this month, a woman was getting into her car at a hypermarket when a man slashed her left arm and neck.

Somewhere towards the end of June, another woman was reportedly robbed and slashed on the head while she was walking towards her car at another shopping mall car park while another had her finger severed by an armed robber as she stopped in front of her friend’s house in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

And in recent weeks, there was an ATM robbery at a hypermarket that saw about RM1.2 million carted away, a carjacking and kidnapping of a Singaporean family in Johor and a Malacca clerk who died after she fell off her motorbike after being attacked by two men.

Even an MP’s mother was robbed and assaulted in Penang.

The question is: what if both PEMANDU and its detractors (including the ex-IGP) are all correct?

Is it possible that the actual and statistical difference of crime rates is due to the under-reporting of crimes, which is perhaps a reflection of our confidence in the police force?

Or maybe there are victims who prefer not to make reports i.e foreign workers, illegal immigrants? Can it be that reports are not made for fear of criminal retaliation, and the inability of the police to protect them later?

Otherwise, why the disconnect between what is reported, and what is actually happening on the ground?

I disagree with statements suggesting that the fear is only perceived, and is created by print and online media for the benefit of their political benefactors. In fact I feel that they should publicise even more crimes to create awareness and deter other possible criminals, at the same time ensuring that the government and police are constantly on their toes vis-a-vis the general public’s sentiments and fears.

We have all witnessed how detached our politicians can be with general public opinion, from the regulations surrounding the entertainment industry to those affecting national unity.

On a similar note, signing a letter before reading it is as irresponsible as it gets. What more when it involves classified government files or contracts leading to billions of ringgit in value.

One of our ex-ministers is in the soup for sending the then prime minister a letter without verifying its contents; this was revealed in the PKFZ trial. Worse still, the letter had detailed information that did not take place, in other words containing fictitious contents packaged as facts.

The Malaysian Insider quoted him as saying: “I would say this is a shocking letter… because in this (the meeting minutes), the meeting never even took off.”

Oh really? I find it more shocking that a minister can sign official letters without reading them.

Is this how the Malaysian government operates? This may not qualify in the NKRA as an index crime but the enormity of it eclipses any of the other crimes. Imagine if the home minister, the defence minister or even the MPs were to do the same thing, we would be well on our way to join the ranks of failed nations.

We do not need billions of ringgit worth of submarines and jet fighters to run a safe and responsible nation. We need instead good leaders who are responsible, with a finger on the nation’s pulse to run this country of 28 million. Relying only on statistics and consultants while ignoring the rakyat’s concern is a fantastic way to end their term in office.

The government may say that we have the best defence system and that our police are sent overseas for training, but what good is it if the rakyat do not feel safe? Similarly, what is the use of our so-called “world envied” education system when our graduates cannot even speak and write proper English, and are unemployable by international industry standards?

What good will it do in safeguarding our morals when our leaders themselves are found wanting in the same department?

Our politicians should be made to walk on empty and dark streets, or even parking lots at night without bodyguards. They should walk in the footsteps of an ordinary rakyat before commenting on what is real and what is not.

Malaysians need to see and experience the wonderful transformation the government keeps harping about before buying the statistics. That is what smart citizens do.

If the government finds that we are a tough crowd to please, too bad. Either buck up, or get out.

* The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist.

7 thoughts on “So, what is the real crime here? – Dr Kamal Amzan

  1. The BN Federal Govt is talking nonsense. The crime rate is soaring. Now days becoming a victim of snatch thefts is very common. I was a victim 3 times between March 2009 to March 2012 because I do a lot of walking. People have died due to snatch thefts. Is death a perception?!

  2. The government talks bullshits each time to allay our fears. Everday there are so many unreported incidents like snatch thefts in market areas where old and senior ladies are just helpless against this onslaught…..
    The reaction from the crowd when the thieving bastards are caught is that the police will do it for show and be released thereafter ..out of sight from the public…Do you believe the police will take those felons to the Balai , fill out forms ,start investigation files, report to their senior etc..etc..and be witness for later trials ????We poeople can dream on….

  3. Dr. Dzul, the UMNO/BN leaders have been briefed by the PDRM elite special branch that their days in government are numbered. Whatever “truths” “facts” that are being manufactured, filtered and published by the government owned/controlled media or agencies are for public consumption, records in preparation for their time in courts post GE13 or for covering their butts. We will hear more of their lies, abuses, threats, blackmailing especially on the civil service and employees come post GE13!

  4. There are also pickpockets and pukau. I experience these unaccountable times that now I fear going to some shopping complex or even taking my money from the ATM!

  5. Wtih UMNO as pemandu, I like to get off this bus!.
    And another thing. To get a kick back of 1 % they need to buy submarines and jet-fighters.
    They need to buy thing worth billions and the 1% become their magic numbers. They don’t care how many people get in their way, they will get rid of them or pay them off.

    Dr. Zul, we need more of your type to run this country.

  6. Salam Dr Dzul, I was googling for crime in Kelana jaya (where I live) and stumbled upon your short but completely accurate piece!
    I think the current govt is sleeping with blinkers on – what good is democracy and freedom when we are afraid to go to the bank, leave our bags in the car, hang on to our kids in malls ?? True, we might not have guns in Malaysia but deep inside I wish we had – at least I can protect myself (a bit desperate I know) . Sometimes I dont know if I should laugh or cry when they publish “statistics” about our education standards and how “well” our kids do in PMR/UPSR etc.
    Are any of THeIR kids in mainstream Sekolah Kebangsaan?? Do they dare to walk in Klang after dark minus their bodyguards to buy burger Ramly?? Or do they even eat burger Ramly ?
    Look at the horrible standard of English today – I myself was brought up in Klang where Hokkian was the order of the day – we didn’t have extra tuition from Monday to Sunday – I was the first batch of KBSR kids and somehow we manage to do well in both BM and English. Here is our “yaya papaya” govt who : 1. Cannot decide what they want!
    2. Don’t have a functioning brain and can’t count.
    3. Trying to make our kids stupid so that they can continue to rule Malaysia.

    FYI, the 1malaysia propaganda is rife in my son’s school but deep inside u and I both know that Malaysia was already “Satu” from Merdeka – until some idiots decided to use “divide and conquer”.
    Owell, this is our last chance – unless we want our next PM to be a Bangla or Indon, we better wake up and vote wisely.

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