Seda admits to screw-up in solar power applications

Kuek Ser Kuang Keng (Mkini)
1:42PM Jul 25, 2012

The Sustainable Energy Development Authority (Seda) has admitted to a weakness in the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) online application process, leading to former chief secretary Mohd Sidek Hassan’s daughter Suzi Suliana obtaining a large chunk of the solar energy quota.NONE

Worse, Seda chairperson Fong Chan Onn said the body has no legal basis to disqualify any of the 12 companies linked to Suzi’s and her associates, even though the online application system was intended to ensure a fair distribution of the renewable energy quota to all players.

“When we first started this system, we were worried about this issue (of monopoly). We want a big number of players in the system… So we set a limit of 5MW per application… and the queuing process (in the application system)… (so) we could distribute it among a big number of players,” said Fong.

“At the end of the day, the result is what it is… We are not happy (with the result of the application). Frankly speaking, we are not happy. We want to distribute fairly but we are advised (that) once the rules are there, we have to follow them.

“We can (refine the rules), but even those steps would not ensure, would not 100 percent ensure that there is no monopoly or 100 percent ensure that a company would not occupy more than 30MW, because how many layers (of company structure) we can check? But we have tried.”

Fong said this during a public briefing on the FiT system this morning at the Seda office in Putrajaya.

He was responding to an expose by opposition MPs Tony Pua and Nurul Izzah Anwar that the 12 companies have obtained 32.4 percent or 45.9 MW of the quota set for solar energy under the FiT scheme.

This was achieved through a complex layer of holding companies and joint venture partnerships.

2 thoughts on “Seda admits to screw-up in solar power applications

  1. Like many folks, we are seriously tired with all these sick jokes where at the end of the day,NOT A STRANGER but a well-connected name gets the cake, eat it and nobody can do nothing about it, just like the cowgate,the traingate, the airgate, subgate and the portgate. Bravo to all of them for their impressive creativity!

  2. Hi semua,

    Adakah ianya betul-betul suatu kelemahan dalam proses permohonan online? Atau ianya suatu kelemahan yang diSENGAJAKAN supaya kroni-kroni UMNO Baru dan BN mendapat manfaat!! Tambahan, bagaimana pula dengan Jawatankuasa yang menentukan kelayakan tiap-tiap pemohon sebelum dianugerahkan/dihadiahkan tender berkenaan?

    Jika Nurul dan Tony Pua tidak mendedahkannya, pasti pihak yang menghadiahkan kepada kroni-kroni UMNO Baru dan BN akan SENYAP seolah-olah proses menentukan pemenang tender TIADA masalah!! Jangan lupa bahawa Dr Fong selaku Pengerusi SEDA telah menafikan dari awal lagi bahawa proses penghadiahan tender itu adalah adil, tidak ada masalah pilih kasih, TETAPI sekarang sahaja baru nak kata ada kelemahan dalam sistem pemohonan!!

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