Deaths in Custody: We Have Not Forgotten.

Deaths in Custody: We have not forgotten



ON July 16, 2009, two citizens died within hours of each other while in custody of the authorities. Teoh Beng Hock and P Gunasegaran – they were among the 1,805 individuals who died in custody from 2003 to July 16 that year.

In the 36 months that followed, more have perished while in the houses of authority, where no undue harm is a supposed guarantee. People, it has not stopped. Healthy sons and fathers have emerged in bodybags.

For the third year running, on the anniversary of the deaths of Teoh Beng Hock and P Gunasegaran, please join us in remembering those who have died in custody and weigh the grief of those who survive them. As in previous years, we shall be sprinkling flowers in a simple act of remembrance.


6.15 PM: Gather at Annexe/Bar Council/Klang Riverside
6.30 PM: Short Message/ Sharing by Reps of CS organisations
6.45 PM: We Have Not Forgotten – A Minute of Silence
6.47 PM: Sprinkle Flowers into Klang River
7.00 PM: Dismiss


2 thoughts on “Deaths in Custody: We Have Not Forgotten.

  1. This is why the quarter cooked Malaysian police is good at and famous for !
    For this very reason why they have ‘problems’ at getting the non Malays to join the police force, not to mention the prospect in the police force is non existence to say the least. On top of all these who would want to be tainted with corruption, brutality when one is to tell their friends and relatives they are in the police force.
    That is the main reason why the profession is filled with ……. one has to enjoy corruption and all that the Malaysian police is famous for when they join the police force. Can the police be able to name just a few of their personnels that they are proud of ?

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