Top Turkish Muslim scholar visits Greek Orthodox patriarchate

Today’s Zaman,
06 July 2012

ISTANBUL, Jul 6: Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate president Mehmet Görmez paid a visit to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I on Thursday at the İstanbul-based Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchate.

ONE GOD … Mehmet Görmez presents a gift bearing the ‘Allah’ calligraphy to patriarch Bartholomew I

Görmez thanked the patriarch for the warm welcome and said followers of both religions have lived together for centuries. The Muslim leader also expressed a wish for warm relations between all segments of society.

Bartholomew also expressed his best wishes to Muslims on the Night of Forgiveness (Berat Kandili in Turkish or ‘Nisfu Sha’aban’) and for Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr in advance of the holiday for Muslims across the world.

The meeting is considered especially important as Görmez is only the second head of the Religious Affairs Directorate to visit Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew. The patriarch had congratulated Görmez on his appointment as chief of the directorate in 2011 and invited him to the patriarchate.

2 thoughts on “Top Turkish Muslim scholar visits Greek Orthodox patriarchate

  1. The way forward for a better world, where we could relate to ‘Others’ as ‘Others’ and not ‘relativised’ them with our own faith, while each could lay the claim to ‘absolute truth’ for their respective faith-religion without ‘reduction,deconstruction and relativisation’. That’s what Islam advocates ie ‘Religious Plurality’ as opposed to Religious Pluralism’ that has ‘relativised’ all truth claims and has equated all religions to be essentially and relatively the same..’all path leads to the summit’.

    As we embrace Religious Plurality so shall be of our outlook and mind-set, to respect one another’s right to profess in each respective’s belief, while maintaining our own claim to exclusivity to our own belief and conviction as ‘The way to the Almighty’.

    By so doing, we escape the disease and predicament of ‘Religious Bigotry’ and ‘Siege Mentality’, so many so-called ‘religious people’ are entrapped in, which consequently will continue to present religion, nay all religions, as divisive and a natural stumbling block to nation-rebuilding and human civilization remaking…time to debunk this…

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