Bishop John Kolta: After Meeting with President Morsi, We are Happy for Egypt Future

(I am an Islamist Democrat and I am very proud to be posting this Voice of Reason from Islamists the world over…Time to be seriously engaged in Nation Rebuilding and Human Civilization Remaking (not that kind of Clash of Civilization of Huntington or A Siege Mentality of Religious Bigots found locally in our own backyard)..Enough of empty rhetorics of leaders rhetorics without substance breed contempt and distrust….Dr Dzul)


Catholic Bishop Kolta assures Muslim Brotherhood has never resorted to violence and is not likely to, expressing his hope and happiness for a bright future for Egypt under Morsi’s rule.

Bishop John Kolta, Deputy Patriarch of Catholic Copts, asserted that the Muslim Brotherhood does not use violence, adding that some Copts had misunderstood things earlier, which made them afraid violence could be used against them.Bishop John Kolta: After Meeting with President Morsi, We are Happy for Egypt Future

After meeting President Morsi, he added: “President Mohamed Morsi said it is a priority for him to protect the Copts and forestall strife between Copts and Muslims, and to restore security to the homeland; which were messages of reassurance for Copts. They made us happy for the future of Egypt”.

During a phone call to the OnTV satellite channel, Kolta mentioned that the meeting was marked with simplicity, “The President is a wonderful man, speaks quite naturally, in a simple straightforward manner that made us feel he’s one of us. His words and his vision were very comfortably clear”.

Kolta affirmed that the visit was very positive, leaving an excellent impression with all those present, “We talked about how to confront the difficulties that we may face and what to do when any signs of sedition emerge”.

Kolta further added that, “As Egyptians, we must all show tolerance and forbearance, unite and close ranks to prevent any strife, because Egypt is in need of us all”.

On Wednesday, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic of Egypt, met with delegations from the Egyptian Evangelical, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches among a number of meetings with Christian denominations.

2 thoughts on “Bishop John Kolta: After Meeting with President Morsi, We are Happy for Egypt Future

  1. This is a piece of good news for Egypt and for men of good will everywhere, whatever religious faith they may profess. We hope Egypt will attain genuine democracy and show the world that Islam and democratic good governance can indeed co-exist.

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