Polls delay not a sign of lack of confidence, says PM

(Yes Sir, much as I would want to believe you, something in me is telling me that you’re not saying the truth again…sigh. Well, bring it on when you have plucked enough courage ya..hehe)

2:00PM Jun 30, 2012

Najib Razak said there was no question of lack of confidence on the part of BN as claimed by the opposition that he deliberately delayed the general election date.

The prime minister said the BN was given the mandate by the people for five years to show its ability to lead and govern the country, bring progress and champion the people.

“If we call for a snap elections, it means that we have shortened the period given to us by the people.

“So the question of not confident does not arise. For us, what is important is to show our ability to continue to champion the people,” he told reporters after chairing the BN Supreme Council meeting at the Putra World Trade Centre last night.

Najib, who is also Umno president and BN chairperson, pointed out that the people had shown good response to transformation programmes implemented by the government.

‘We cannot be haugthy’

This can be seen from his and his deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin’s visits to the states, he said, adding that the support of the people was overwhelming and reflected growing confidence in the BN.

“We cannot be haughty, but our confidence level is based on the people’s reception to our visits and the 1Malaysia-themed programmes,” he said.

Citing the Government Transformation Programme and the Economic Transformation Programme, he said: “We had delivered them which means (our confidence) is not without any particular assessment.”

Najib also said the programme hinged on engagement with various community groups such as the People’s 1Malaysia Taxi programme (TR1MA).


2 thoughts on “Polls delay not a sign of lack of confidence, says PM

  1. Pada 23hb Jun 2012, ada kata boleh menang 14 negeri. Sekarang dah kecut perut pula? Takutlah tu – cakap angin, cakap besar dan cakap kosong saja. Sekarang beri alasan yang remeh pula.

  2. Najib just wants to to enjoy his last hurrah as the P.M. of Malaysian for as long as he can. He knows his days as the P.M. are numbered and is nearing the end that is why he is flying to everywhere to enjoy his last days. But remember the law says he can stay on as P.M. no later than march 2013, that is what the law says. The big question is he going to follow the law ? After all it wouldn’t be the first time he will do what he wants and the law can be replaced with something else just like his father did to hang on to power.

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