Scorpene deal: Terasasi’s role must be probed

Hazlan Zakaria (MKini)
4:24PM Jun 27, 2012

Despite Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi’s plea of ignorance over allegations of secret Malaysian navy papers leaked to French naval shipyard DCNS by Terasasi, a Hong Kong-based company, the government should still investigate the matter.

DCNS was involved in the sale of two Scorpene submarines to Malaysia.NONE

“This involves treason, that Terasasi allegedly sold strategic information (secret documents)… It is a serious allegation that requires immediate investigation,” stressed PAS’ Kuala Selangor MP Dzulkefly Ahmad.

Speaking at a press conference in the Parliament lobby today. Dzulkefly argued that such allegations cannot just be “put to rest”.

PKR’s Batu parliamentarian Tian Chua agreed with the Kuala Selangor MP.

“It is insufficient to just state no relationship between government and Terasasi.”

He pledged that the Pakatan MPs willl continue to bring the matter up in parliament.

“The defence minister can also be brought up for being in contempt of parliament,” argued Tian Chua.

The Batu MP cited a French court document leaked by Asia Sentinel journalist John Berthelsen which mentioned Terasasi as a party to the Scorpene purchase and subsequent post-sales activities.

He mentioned Document 136, which he had translated from French.

The document, which is the transcript of an interview by French police of DCNS’ financial controller Gerard-Philippe Menayas, claimed Tian Chua, is a description of the financial acrobatics that the firm had gone through to hide payments to Terasasi and other Malaysian companies through associate companies and kept off the books of the main firm.

He pointed to mentions of payments to Razak Baginda, expenses involving murdered Mongolian translator Alantuya Shaaribuu as well as to Terasasi as proof positive that the company is involved in the Scorpene deal.

Meanwhile, Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne (left) called the defence minister’s outright denial “childish”.

“You cannot act like a child, close your eyes and ears and pretend it doesn’t happen,” he sniped.

Yesterday, Zahid issued a flat denial in parliament of any links between the government and Terasasi, adding that there is no proof any of the alleged sale of the navy documents ever took place.

Allegations of corruption behind the sale of the Scorpene submarines to Malaysia by DCNS came to a head recently after the French court agreed to a petition by human rights group Suaram to probe the case.

An inquiry, tantamount to an investigation paper is currently ongoing in France. It was papers from this proceedings that were leaked by Berthelsen.

One thought on “Scorpene deal: Terasasi’s role must be probed

  1. These scumbags and parasites from Umno are worried about committing another treason when after all what is another treason to a country they never owned. They sized control of the country to begin with, simply because of the over whelming number of these immigrants of Indonesians that came. As a result their immigrant ancestors also managed to take control of the political situation of the country and as a result were able to do anything and everything they want including calling this land Malaya.
    Just like Australia or even America, these countries were never known as Australia or America, only the political masters called them with the present names as Malaya was and not by the original people of these lands, The Orang Asli in Malaya and in the case of Australia the aborigines in Australia or the Red Indians in America.
    So what is treason to these scumbags and parasites, they have been doing it from the day their ancestors immigrated here and subsequently took control of these lands and even call them Malaya !

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