‘Mahathir’s Manila speech further bares ignorance, contempt of democracy’


Jun 15: An exhortation on the ‘limitations’ of democracy by Dr Mahathir Mohamad during a recent speech in Manila has only laid bare the mindset behind the actions of his administration and subsequent leaders of Barisan Nasional, according to Kuala Selangor member of parliament Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

“It is now further confirmed that Mahathir was a dictator hiding in the garb of democracy which he so despises, and this contempt was out in the open in Manila!” said Dzulkefly.

The PAS research head said Mahathir’s speech gave the clearest glimpse to his audience why the former prime minister and others trapped in his legacies had embraced draconian laws to curtail the people’s freedom.

“So the people can now know why Tun M and UMNO-BN need these adjustments to the ‘laws’ during their two-third majority rule,” said Dzulkefly.
BN LEGACIES … Dzulkefly says Mahathir and others trapped in his legacies justify draconian laws through their distortion of democracy

He said Mahathir’s propagation of a ‘tweaked’ democracy ‘suited to the condition’ only showed his ignorance of the subject.

“Tun M will forever remain ignorant about democracy and can never find enlightenment about democracy.

“His view that democracy should be ‘adjusted’ and ‘modified’ is the very idea which has led to rampant acts of corruption and power abuse because the people have been denied information which enables them provide check and balance on the government,” Dzulkefly stressed.

In his 20-minute lecture at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila on June 11, Mahathir said democracy could never give people “the goodness that it promises” but only encouraged instability which hinders development programmes.

Justifying his claim, Mahathir blamed the Filipinos for voting in the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, saying this was an example how democracy brought destruction.

“Government of the people, by the people and for the people would result in a stalemate, in no government at all, in anarchy,” he argued, adding that human rights ideal would also render the authority of a government meaningless.

Reacting to the this, Dzulkefly said democracy when sincerely practised would give rise to an informed populace who can stop corrupt leaders before they are entrenched in power.

“And this is why Tun and other UMNO-BN leaders fear the ‘Arab Spring’ which is the Arab peoples’ uprising to end dictatorial regimes who for decades had denied freedom and true democracy to their peoples,” said Dzulkefly, referring to the recent remark by Mahathir that the opposition would want to jail him and suffer a similar fate of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak.

According to Dzulkefly, Malaysia’s fusion of ‘democracy’ and ‘autocracy’ made it fit the Political Science term “snycretic state”, or “electoral authoritarianism”, as described by Austrian professor Andreas Schedler.

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6 thoughts on “‘Mahathir’s Manila speech further bares ignorance, contempt of democracy’

  1. This grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir is now claiming that to much change is bad it will create racial trouble. In the first place the shenanigan is just trying to justify all the numerous racist policies he implemented and at the same time he is indirectly seeking for support from the ultra Malays to support a pro Malay policy. For he knows any direct pleas for Umno support from him will get the opposite response and for his information I have never supported any policies he implemented. I and million of others were unable to express my thoughts because there wasn’t the internet for the million of us to express our frustration and anger over what he was implementing and for no other reasons. Got it, shenanigan Mahathir !
    He is also in fear and having night mares and sleepless nights over the thought of the inevitable change of government and most of all his fear that he will be indicted with fabricated charges according to himself. It is when the heart overflows that the mouth speaks. The least he will get is a trial in the Kangaroo court he set up, unlike the ISA he was using on the opposition detained in Kamunting without trial and for unspecified period.
    Just watch what he is getting ready to do right now ? Getting readied to immigrate to Yemen the day after the GE results is known.
    My one advise to him is he should enjoy the pleasure of his office at the 86th floor of his office in twin tower while he can, for it would be long before he wouldn’t be having or going to that office for long now.

  2. Aah interest visit to Manila there old man – perhaps some last minute business to attend to, what with San Miguel’s recent corporate restructuring and your holdings, namely, Mahathir and Sons seeking safer shores, should UMNO go belly up !!!

    Go ahead and hide all that illicit wealth, layer upon layer, rest assure even I can track and trace every single dime of that money but the moment UMNO gets the boot, I’m certain many personalities whom you consider “friends” would be too happy to talk to authorities to make life for you and your brood, difficult if not interesting.

  3. Dr Mahathir, You’ve been to NZ, Aus, Canada, UK & USA & EU, let me ask you, how long would you and your UMNO leaders last in those countries with your apartheid, racist, corrupt, undemocratic antics and multi-billion squander and losses before being brought to court? 55 years or 5 weeks?

  4. Some leaders gain zero respect from the transparent, democratic world community. Often the mere appearance or utterance of someone can be nauseating, especially someone detested internationally. Self-aggrandizing, super-racist, with no consideration for human-rights & equality. Corrupt Malaysian leaderships cannot attract men of integrity; neither can they enact & foster laws to maintain high moral standards, transparency, performance & success in governments like leaders in of NZ & Singapore.

  5. Same politicians are righteous, infallible, great and God-like…only in their own distorted & deranged minds. From an impartial, democratic, transparent 3rd country. We see too clearly. PBB, BN & MACC are corrupt, immoral & rotten to the core. One out of many examples: Despite a registered letter from some 15 NGOs demanding arrest of Sarawak’s Taib after 31 years of plundering, ref: sarawakreport.org MACC etc, pretend all the massive multi-billion corruption are non-existent. It is obvious, BN’s interest is not in the people’s welfare, only in winning election & clinging to power. They support deception, cheating & multi-billion thefts on a grand scale. They tortured & murdered Teoh B.H on his wedding day over an issue of few thousand $, while few hundred millions of Scorpene Submarine bribes, & Mongolian’s blasted murder went unheeded. Where is their integrity, sense of shame? These are beasts of the lowest form. Let them burn in hell.

  6. George Soros: “Look at the Sarawak Chief Minister selling billions worth of timber concessions under the table; selling every piece of state land to businessmen without tender; using his own companies to obtain lucrative government contracts; … ‘you pay I approve’. He has 8 billion US stashed overseas….. In China people have been shot for embezzling one thousand dollars. With 8 billion he has stolen, therefore he would be shot 80,000 times.

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