Please don’t jail me for the following reasons, Dr M appeals to PR?


13 June 2012

Perhaps anticipating another political tsunami that could spell the end of Barisan Nasional’s rule at the coming polls, former UMNO strongman Dr Mahathir Mohamad has listed several reasons why he does not deserve the fate of fallen dictators such as Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak.

Responding to veteran DAP leader Lim Kit Siang’s suggestion that Mahathir had been at the forefront of the campaign to ensure Pakatan Rakyat does not come to power due to anxieties over his future life, Mahathir said his only fear was being put behind bars on “fabricated charges”.

“That I am innocent would be irrelevant. What is important is Kit Siang’s satisfaction at seeing me behind bars and more,” wrote the former prime minister on his blog.He then went on to list reasons why he did not deserve imprisonment.

Among others, Mahathir said that:

  • He had always been careful not to abuse the power as PM and chose to step down from power (on paper, Mahathir retired in 2003).
  • He has already been questioned by the police and the AG’s office several times and nothing could be “pinned on me”.
  • He has not “thrown people into jail for personal reasons” or “benefitted personally” from government projectsGifts to him had been transfered to government “including a score of expensive cars”.
  • He had not allowed his children to do business with the Government or stand as candidates in elections while in office.
  • His money now is savings from his salary of 29 years.
  • Except for his son Mirzan, his children did not get any scholarships.
  • He owns not many shares, other than 200 Malayan Tobacco shares bought “long before I joined the Government”, apart from unit trusts issued by PNB and state governments and in a pharmacy he set up as a doctor in Alor Star.

Please read : MY FEARS  (the original fears of Tun Mahthir – do you agree with the ‘angle’ or spin of this article written by Harakah?)

6 thoughts on “Please don’t jail me for the following reasons, Dr M appeals to PR?

    1. Hi Yeo, pls read Tun M original writing on hi Che Det blog and decide for yourself whether you would agree with the writer’s angle or spin ya.

  1. There is a saying that ‘if you had not committed anything wrong there should not be any reason for you to be frightened, if someone comes knocking in the middle of the night’. This would certainly apply very well in the case of shenanigan Mahathir. Like wise would Gaddafi or Mubarak have confessed that they were guilty !

    As I have said many many times before that he has nightmares almost daily whenever he believes that the opposition would take over Putrajaya and he would be indicted in his twilight years.He even has the audacity to suggest that it might be on fabricated charges.
    He must had done so to many people during his 23 years tenure as P.M. that he now fears
    the same would also happen to himself. It also reveals how little faith he has in the judiciary he helped to set up and becomes what it is to day.

    He did not, did not retire, he only pretended to have retired when he thought he had found himself a puppet in Badawi to carry on the with the many white elephants and money making projects he implemented. Above all he was mindful of the consequences he would have to face as a politician soon for all the abuses and atrocities if he had stayed on as the P.M by the international criminal court. So he thought he would ‘retire’ and let AI take over and continue on with the many money making projects he implemented and most important of all to let AI take over the responsibility of all the abuses the shenanigan had committed.

    Little did he know that not only AI did not carry on with his money making propositions, AI even went on to cancel them and most of all AI did not appoint his second son into the cabinet, thus foiling the shenanigan’s plan for him to have the establishment of the Mahathir’s dynasty. Thus the shenanigan did not want to be seen as the one to have appointed his own son as his successor when the truth is he thought that was how it will go. How wrong he is again just like the many deputies he appointed and sacked during the tenure of his leadership. These only go to show the kind of judgement he has and his judgement on the many policies and the projects he implemented. Would a criminal goes to court and admit that he is guilty ?

    How unbelievable it is the story he only owns 200 shares in Malayan Tobacco which he bought before long before he joined the government. He forgot to explain why he had never failed to visit London every year or on transit to somewhere else. The truth is he was there to audit on his many ‘investments’ somewhere in Europe and for that reason he advocated the look east policy just so the people would not inadvertently bump into him when he was out there doing his audit.
    It may be true that his children did not apply for any scholarship but what he did not say was he had stashed up more than enough without having to do that. Also scholarships were meant for the poor and the intelligent and his children cannot be regarded as one of them not to mention the wealth the father has and accumulated.
    I can keep writing about this shenanigan and for the shambles he brought to this country for years but to cut a long story short just remember that every problem this country is facing to day is brought about by him, just remember that. AI may have said on many occasions to have forgiven him for fear of being revealed the many truths about himself but the shenanigan knows the other leaders in the opposition has not said so. For every action there is always an equal opposite reaction.

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