Minister’s daughter got RM30 mil govt contract: Petra

(OMG! Not another one…really hope this is not true ya but going by the litany of a lot more bizarre and horror stories, I’ve my fear and hence….. it’s surely a cardinal sin for anyone to allow these Umno-BN political elites to continue ruling this nation with impunity! May Allah save this nation from irredeemable ruin!….)

Harakahdaily, 16 May 2012 
May 16: Armed with documents which show a contract worth RM30.8 million being awarded to a company belonging to the daughter of a minister, blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin said the “enormous wealth” would mean that UMNO’s campaign to oust Lembah Pantai member of parliament Nurul Izzah Anwar was a “child’s play”.

Saying he had known Federal Territories and Urban Well-being minister Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin (right) since the latter’s days as a “successful government contractor”, Petra said Nong Chik, the UMNO politician widely expected to be pitted against Nurul for the coming polls, would have no problem funding his campaign.

“Financing his bid for the Parliament seat of Lembah Pantai should be child’s play for him. And ‘financing’ the voters to vote for him should be no effort as well,” said the outspoken blogger.

To back his claim, he posted documents on his blog Malaysia Today showing how Istijuara Sdn Bhd, a company in which Petra said Nong Chik’s daughter Raja Farhana Raja Nong Chik owned 399,999 of the 400,000 shares as shown by the Companies Commission Malaysia, had been awarded a RM30.8 million contract by the Youth and Sports ministry in August 2010.

Owned since ‘Standard One’

According to Petra, the company was established some 20 years ago when Raja Farhana, now 26, was still in the first year of primary school.

“It has losses carried forward amounting to about a quarter of a million Ringgit and current liabilities of about RM400,000 – against current assets of about half a million and a share capital of RM400,000.

“This does not give a very bright outlook of the company’s finances but I am sure this RM30 million contract can clean up the company’s balance sheet soon enough,” wrote Petra.

According to the document, the contract for Istijuara was to complete, upgrade and service the training equipment for hospital, marine and oil and gas industry by “direct negotiation” with the government’s National Youth Skills Institute (IKBN) in Bandar Penawar, Johor.

A letter, signed by Mohid Mohamed, secretary of the Youth and Sports ministry, further states that Istijuara must deposit five percent of the value of the contract – RM1.54 million – as bank guarantee bonds with a locally certified bank from the commencement of the project to 12 months after its completion.

But Petra (left) claimed that Istijuara was not the only company linked to Nong Chik, neither was the contract the only government job awarded to him.

He said the huge amount of money being spent under Nong Chik’s ministry, including the controversial use of some RM1.5 billion quick housing loan taken from the Employees Provident Fund for low cost homes concentrated within the Lembah Pantai constituency, would make Nong Chik’s bid to win the election there easier.

“With all that, how to lose the Lembah Pantai seat?” he quipped.

In the 2008 general election, Nurul delivered a shock defeat to Wanita UMNO leader Shahrizat Abdul Jalil who had been the MP for Lembah Pantai for 13 years.

2 thoughts on “Minister’s daughter got RM30 mil govt contract: Petra

  1. YB Dr Dzul,
    Can you guys please stop airing all these multimillion scandals, I’m going to throw up sick already! Please have mercy on we lesser rakyat, really we can’t take it anymore all these abuses(PKFZ,NFC, etc) where multimillions just dropped from the sky for them whereby we work like mad day and night feeding our small family, taking bus/LRT,renting a flat, depending on credit cards to survive.Our kids will continue being poor too Cukuplah YB , jangan cakap lagi! Biarkan mereka yg cinta duit.

  2. So what? Nobody can touch them. If one got prosecuted the rest would get implicated. When the boss is just as corrupt, one can do anything anytime and anywhere. It is free for all as long as UMNO is in control. KL Man, you are right I am sick to ’em too and hopefully UMNO hope you and I will just forget it by and by.

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