Pakatan reaffirms no-hudud stand

Stephanie Sta Maria | May 14, 2012 (FMT)

Top opposition leaders agree to maintain the Common Policy Framework

PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Rakyat’s top leaders are in agreement that the hudud law will not be implemented if the coalition takes over Putrajaya in the next general election as the Islamic penal law is not part of its Common Policy Framework.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang told the media after a meeting of the senior leadership at the PKR headquarters this morning that Pakatan would adhere to the position announced in September 2011.

Pakatan leaders held a three-hour meeting on Sept 28, 2011 to trash out the hudud issue and subsequently announced that it was not part of the bloc’s policy to introduce such Islamic law provisions and that any move to do so would require the consensus of all three parties.

“We agreed back then to uphold the Federal Constitution on the position of Islam while at the same time respecting the different ideologies and religious beliefs within Pakatan Rakyat,” Hadi said.

The hudud question has long been a thorny issue between PAS and DAP, and surfaced again last week after PAS Ulama Council chief Harun Taib said its implementation, as well as amending the Federal Constitution to enable it, would be PAS’ priorities.

Hadi was afterwards quoted as saying that hudud would be implemented if Pakatan came into power but would be enforceable only among Muslims.
DAP chairman Karpal Singh once again raised a strong objection to Hadi’s statement and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said any attempt to work outside the Pakatan framewok would be akin to a “stab in the back”.

Election manifesto

Veteran DAP leader Lim Kit Siang, speaking at today’s press conference, said Pakatan would maintain the Common Policy Framework, which covers the bloc’s commitment to the Federal Constitution, which upholds Islam as the religion of the federation while allowing other religions to be practised peacefully throughout the country.

“If there is any change in policy it will have to be by way of consensus from all three Pakatan Rakyat parties,” Lim said. “And on the question of hudud – it is not in the Common Policy Framework.

“We respect PAS’ views on hudud but our position is also very clear as we feel it is not in accordance with the Federal Constitution.”
PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim said all three parties were committed to remaining united in heading towards the next general election and would maintain that unity if Pakatan were to form the next government.

That assurance flew in the face of Harun’s statement that PAS would consider changing its political allies in order to achieve its hudud objective.
“What Kit Siang just said we have signed upon and repeated numerous times,” Anwar said. “But certain quarters within Umno and Perkasa have still attacked us, especially DAP.

“They have even attacked Kit Siang personally as someone who will dishonour the constitution and this allegation has been made as well by Najib [Tun Razak] himself. So I’m very glad that Kit Siang has cleared up the issue today.”

Apart from the hudud issue, the leaders also discussed the coalition’s election manifesto, which, according to Anwar would be adapted to meet each state’s individual needs.

With regard to seat allocation, PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali said the negotiations were “90% complete” and would be finalised at Pakatan’s next meeting, expected to take place within a week.

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3 thoughts on “Pakatan reaffirms no-hudud stand

  1. Hudud issue is best discussed when there is a free and fair media (when Pakatan Rakyat is in charge of course) where PAS can ask The Star and NST to publish articles like “Hudud law in the Old Testament” or even “Kingdom of Israel’s hudud law”.

  2. Dr.Dzul – am I wrong (going by gut instinct) the distrust I have with PAS’ Trengganu faction. Correct me if wrong, PAS Trengganu by itself doesn’t see eye to eye with the majority in PAS (going it alone with public statement) and with the effect that rocks the boat.

    Nasha is suspect and more recently, Hadi comes under the microscope but then again, it is just my view point. Knowing the make up of the Fed Constitution, why even broach the ideal of a “Negara Islam” with Hudud as a backbone – to be implemented together with present Civil law as we know it ???

    My fear, in a tie-breaker situation or if next GE results in a hung Parliament – PAS’ representative who are partial or on friendly terms with UMNO jump ship to make up the numbers ?

    Gawd forbid that possibility Dr.Dzul but my fear is that being mere mortals – and hence the flesh being weak – the inticement of say RM$5 million cash (no utang mind you) to abort Pakatan Rakyat not a far fetch possibility is it !!! And for sure UMNO has that as part of Plan A if not Plan B – not a pipe dream or vile rumour for UMNO to resort to such desperate measure(s) just to cling on to power.

    No matter, I bid you well as usual and have complete trust in your judgement to do what is right – and mind you – many M’sians who are completer strangers to you are relying upon your wisdom.

  3. Dear YB, I can’t help but to take time off to pen you my thoughts and hoping that all your Pakatan colleagues read this too. PLEASE stop airing immediately any differences in the public bcos the childish MSM will headline it negatively to please their bosses who ultimately are obligated to the Powerful One.Have closed door meetings and thrash out whatever opinions but come out smiling to show us all you are one.Also PLEASE don’t use heavy words(back-stab,change political partners if needed), to describe an already tense situation.DAP got it wrong with Tunku, should have accepted it was a personal opinion and move on. Nasha is perceived continuing what Hasan left undone.Like the earlier guy Casper said, a few amno sympathisers jumping ship in next GE for big bucks is very real.The same case with DAP and PKR too especially the quiet ones. Pakatan should make preemptive measures against this. Lastly, PLEASE STOP QUARRELING IN PUBLIC FOR OUR SAKE, IT HURTS OUR HEARTS,YOUR SUPPORTERS.You all can argue until the cows come home after forming the NEXT government.

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