Lest you have forgotten, Sir!

Dzulkefly Ahmad (TMI)

MAY 3 — Amidst the horror stories of police brutality, the many spins, the endless ranting in the social media and the finger-pointing blame game, I now write to dispense my unsolicited opinion. Despite being a partisan person, I shall always endeavour to write without fear or favour.

Granted, while Bersih 3.0 officially ended at 4pm or so, on that watershed historical date of 428, the spiteful claims and counter-claims of contesting parties breaking the limits of “permissibility” shall continue. Only an inquiry by Suhakam or a royal commission of inquiry could put the many opposing claims to rest.

While the plethora of writings and the many video footages, both actual and some edited, of the “good, bad and ugly” scenes of Bersih 3.0 continue, I thought my piece is neither going to incite further “sedition” nor put any more strain on all the “aggrieved” parties.

But write it I must. It is in this moment of arguably intense confusion and conflict, where argument oftentimes tend to cut both ways, that I seek the refuge of the Almighty for the clarity of my thought process.

Rest assured that I am not about to pronounce a verdict of who is right or wrong, or who kept their promises and who didn’t. I will surely shy away from being the judge to determine who finally were the “greater devils or the lesser ones”. My verdict is as unimportant as it is perhaps presumptuous at this juncture.

No one doubts the fact that clashes occurred only after police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse tens of thousands of demonstrators, following a breach of the barricade in front of Dataran Merdeka. For the record, the court order barring Bersih 3.0 entering the historic square across the weekend was obtained through an ex-parte application which clearly is in contradiction with the statement of the home minister that declared Bersih 3.0 as not a security threat.

The barbed-wire barricades around the Dataran Merdeka only helped to heighten the despondency and revulsion of the rakyat, nay of the many Malaysians the world over.

Little did the mayor of Kuala Lumpur realise that 10 of the 11 seats in the Federal Territory were won by the opposition in the last general election (GE). It doesn’t take a pundit to remind the mayor that Kuala Lumpur is overwhelmingly Pakatan’s or perhaps belonging to the “Other Malaysia”, to borrow from my good friend Farish Noor.

While I understand and empathise with the years of subjugation of the police force by the powers-that-be which eventually turned them to be the “unquestioning armed division of Umno”, my deeper sympathy must surely be for the many “victims of terror” of the Bersih protestors, the many journalists grievously hurt and detained, and particularly for the Bersih 2.0 steering committee who are squarely blamed for the alleged “loss of control”.

Be that as it may, permit me to remain focus on the bone of contention in this debate which has now turned to be a great national conversation.

Lest we are swayed, let it be again said that the greatest contention neither centres on the PDRM’s brutality nor the alleged failures of Bersih’s Ambiga or Pak Samad or for that matter of opposition party leaders out to “hijack’ the national agenda of Bersih 2.0.

Yes, the centre of contention is on “electoral reform” and why it has been deliberately delayed if not entirely derailed. So, permit me to plainly ask the person ultimately in charge of this country, the Right Honourable Prime Minister.

Sir, you knew that the Bersih 3.0 “Duduk dan Bantah” was all about pressing for electoral reforms but why did you choose not to listen to their grievances?

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2 thoughts on “Lest you have forgotten, Sir!

  1. Amidst the furore of the events of 28th April, the focus has now been shifted by the BN Govt to make the rakyat forget the aims of Bersih, which is to request for free and fair elections. Is PM Najib the biggest bullshiter in the world? Has he forgotten that he once mentioned that he wants BN to be seen winning a fair election? His slogan of ‘People First’ is truly pathetic.

  2. Dear Dr.Zul, asking the PM to do an electoral reform will mean the end of BN. They need to cling on to power otherwise they will be toast. Their baggages are too heavy and they just cannot run and too many people wil be implicated. They do not want to see a” new dawn”. A new dawn is what Malaysia needs but they cant see farther than their noses and they need to keep the status quo…. at all cost. He and his gang of thieves do not care for any morality or any sense of good governance and could not be bothered if this nation bleeds to death. They is no more good people left in the BN govt thanks to that Apanama.

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