Bersih has struck terror in Umno

 The most portent information that Bersih provided on April 28 is that people need not fear the regime anymore.

On April 28, the Najib government showed that it feared the people. The “capture” of Dataran Merdeka by ralliers is symbolic because it antecedes the breach of Putrajaya.

Just like Dataran Merdeka, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak can shout himself coarse and till blue in the face that he is determined to protect Putrajaya at all cost but remember Najib, you can only do that if you kill your own citizens.

Is Najib ready to bloody his hands just as Idi Amin and Mbotu and other third world potentates did?
This is a lesson to Najib. You can’t stop the rising awareness. The age of paying people is over.

People from as far and Sabah and Sarawak converged in the federal capital armed with one unifying nucleic element – awareness.

Bersih has the properties of being nucleic. Nucleic means Bersih functions as a means to providing the building blocks, to the formation of a larger organic life – a nation of free people who can and will exercise freedom of choice.

Bersih is nucleic in the sense it educates and enlightens feeding people with information leading to the eventual outcome – the overthrow of an unpopular regime.

Bersih transfers information from one generation to another.

A testimony of this was the composition of the crowd on April 28.

‘BN has lost the polls’

This time around, the participants included a large number of non-Malays. This shows Bersih is a unifying theme that cuts across ethnic barriers.

Keeping the barriers at Dataran Merdeka intact was an obsession with the BN regime. It wanted the people to disintegrate under racial confrontation.

But the fact that Bersih was able to bring Malaysians together has already struck terror to the racist policies of Umno and BN.

In addition, they are also now weighing in the shocking reality that 80% of Bersih participants were young people.

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3 thoughts on “Bersih has struck terror in Umno

  1. We all know that all lower ranking policemen follow orders and directives from their superior.
    And in cases of national interest such as the BERSIH rally, their superiors get the orders from the IGP . And the IGP gets his order from the Home Minister .
    Therefore the Home minister from umno and the IGP are solely responsible for safety and the mayhem that day.
    The “BERSIH riot”is not a riot but just a fracas when some people entered the ‘forbidden” zone setup by the police and dbkl. The court order by the magistrate is solely for the “padang” field. but they saw it fit to sealed off all the KL roads , banning buses from entering and creating the fear factor.
    In a full blown riot, buildings will be on fire, shops looted , people will be carrying weapons and wanton destruction. Non of those took place as BERSIH came in peace , make some noises , took some photos and planned to go home in peace.
    But the govt and police just won’t let them go home in peace.They just had to make a big scene out of something.
    The police went berserk and ran amok that day and anyone and everyone was their targets.
    BERSIH will get continuous supports from all level of Malaysian society.
    As all the BERSIH’s demands are fair, democratic , justified and within the Constitution.

  2. PM Najib wants to hold on to power with an iron fist. His time is up. It is written in the stars and soon he and his ilk will be seeing stars. You cannot quell a movement of people power. See what happened in the events of the Arab Spring.

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