Najib brushes aside questions on Scorpene subs

Najib brushes aside questions on Scorpene subs
Susan Loone (MKini)

6:26PM Apr 22, 2012
Prime Minister Najib Razak has snubbed questions about human rights NGO Suaram’s case in France involving alleged kickbacks to top Malaysian officials over the purchase of two Scorpene class submarines.

Najib was asked to comment about the matter and whether he would testify in the French court.

Suaram has submitted his name as a witness as he was the defence minister involved in the procurement of the submarine

I don’t need to comment….I don’t want to comment, thank you”, he said crisply at a press conference at Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang, where he met two groups of NGOs – one Indian and one Chinese.

The journalist was about to ask Najib the reasons why he was dodging queries about the case, but the press conference which lasted less than ten minutes, ended abruptly and the premier left.

The French court held its first hearing last week before judge Roger Le Loire in a three hour session where a three member Suaram team presented their statement and list of witnesses.

kua kia soong

Le Loire accepted the team’s presentation submitted by Suaram director Kua Kia Soong (above), secretariat member Cynthia Gabriel and lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri at the Paris tribunal Grande Instance.

Gabriel said that the hearing was to confirm Suaram’s complaint and reaffirmed the need for a judicial investigation into the RM7.3 billion deal in 2002.

The deal had allegedly led to the gruesome of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu by military explosives in a jungle clearing in Shah Alam between October 19-20, 2006.

Two of Najib’s former bodyguards and political analyst – a close ally of the premier – Abdul Razak Baginda were charged for her gruesome murder but the latter was acquitted without his defense being called.

Razak’s name has cropped up again in the French inquiry as the investigative judges are looking into two companies – both linked to him – to which French giant shipyard builder DCNS had allegedly funnelled illegal commissions.

Najib has denied any involvement with the case and has gone as far as to swear on the Quran at a mosque that he does not know Altantuya.

Meanwhile, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi made an about turn last week and snubbed the French inquiry although he had earlier said he was willing to testify.

Refusing to attend the inquiry on the submarines purchase, Zahid added that the ministry will not be sending any representatives, passing the buck to the Malaysian ambassador to see to the matter.

7 thoughts on “Najib brushes aside questions on Scorpene subs

  1. Najib can have the French lawyer refused entry to Malaysia at the Airport by his appointed lackey at the immigration department, just like with the records of the Mongolian woman were deleted from the computer system within the immigration department.
    All these monkey businesses can only be done by a very very senior government official like Najib, but from now on he and his defense minister will forever be disallowed to enter France. and the only way to have them in the French court is to vote them out of Putrajaya in the coming GE and have them ‘air fright’ there to face the consequences and enjoy French cuisine in jail. So make sure, people of Malaysia, for this reason alone make sure you come out to cast your vote in the coming GE. Not withstanding the fact that he is also guilty of many other crimes including murder ! Or may be they can all go and swear on the Koran in a mosque there that they are not guilty or have their faces covered up when they indict them in French court !
    Finally why is Naib not answering any questions relating to the purchase of the submarine, especially for a man who can pursued a bird from flying down from a tree ? One more time, wake up from your dreams and go and cast your vote to have these scumbags and corrupted parasites voted out of Putrajaya. I am ashamed to be from a country with such leaders right now and so should you.

    1. That guy cannot answer to any legitimate questions. It is better for him to lie by not saying anything. He can’t afford to tell any thruth. When a nation has this type of leader the good people will suffer.

  2. God is wonderful, he brings things to light & punishes. An economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore said that the Malaysia might have lost as much as US$100 billion since the early 1980s to corruption (RM300 billion = 300,000 million). RM33 million an hour! RM800million a day. Malaysia Chronicle: “For the first decade… Malaysia has lost a staggering RM1.08 trillion (US$338 billion = RM800million a day) in illicit outflows which is the fourth highest in the developing world…The Global Financial Integrity (GFI) reported in January that RM930 billion flowed out of Malaysia from 2000 to 2008.

  3. Then, on top of that, they will lie, sabotage opposition & kill to stay in power & boundless luxury, without the slightest concern for the people who elected them. Najib, Home Minister etc weren’t even elected, often handed from father to son on a platter.
    What a giant, cancerous can of worms. You should have Bersih rallies everyday until these crooks are put in jail & stolen money repatriated to the people. Alan Newman, NZ.

  4. PM Najib, You’re pretending all the massive multi-billion plundering are non-existent? eg: Despite a registered letter from 15 global NGOs demanding arrest of Taib after 31 yrs! Ref Where is your integrity, sense of shame & legitimacy to lead? You obviously support deception & multi-billion thefts on a grand scale. You should be impeached for treason – deceiving & undermining M’sia

    All the circumstantial evidence points to crime in high places in Malasyia, even a kid can see the evidence is obvious: French Courts’ investigation on submarine’s multi-million kick-backs; Mongolian’s demand for a small share of the fee before her murder; crony & lover Baginda needed no defence and immediately escaped to UK Scot-free. Mongolian’s pregnancy. Her entry erased from immigration records; a private investigator P. Bala’s statutory declaration in 2007 alleging that Najib not only knew the murdered woman but was formerly her lover and introduced her to Abdul Razak to get rid of her. The Investigator P. Bala was intimidated into recanting his statement and promptly disappeared! Now Najib’s body guards are free from death sentences too after blewing up the Mongolian with dynamite. You know how long would such a PM keep his job and escape jail in a country like NZ, Aus, Canada, UK or USA.

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