Whistleblower: Muslim scholar on the take?

Teoh El Sen (FMT)

 | April 13, 2012

The anonymous blogger TheWhistleblower711 now claims that a religious scholar was also on the take from the same Johor businessman previously accused of buying over several politicians with ‘monthly contributions’.

KUALA LUMPUR: After a series of hard-hitting exposé implicating several political big wigs in the country in corruption, anonymous blogger TheWhistleblower711 has now trained his guns on a religious public figure.

The man – described as “highly regarded” and “well-versed Muslim scholar who has written hundreds of books”– allegedly received hundreds of thousands in monthly “contributions” from a Johor businessman who had been the focal point of the blogger’s previous disclosures.

In his latest posting uploaded last night, TheWhistleblower711 named the ulama, who is also a member of the Negeri Sembilan Fatwa Committee and founder-adviser of Yayasan Sofa Negeri Sembilan.

The blogger, who initiated investigations leading to “very interesting documents” based on a recent reader’s tip-off, alleged that the ulama had been receiving RM100,000 monthly “contributions” from Advance Maintenance Precision Management Sdn Bhd (AMPMSB, a company belonging to the influential Johor businessman, Yahya Abd Jalil) since December 2010.

Yahya has been the central character in the blogger’s past exposé involving the “buying over” of government officials through a similar modus operandi.

In the current “episode”, documents were published on the blog to show the contributions, which were categorised as either “consultation fees” or “sponsorship”.

The documents were shown in the form of scanned copies of cheques, payment vouchers, cheque deposit slips or remittance letters. While the blogger only displayed a few examples, he alleged that the ulama was receiving a constant flow of RM100,000 every month since December 2010 until June 2011 from AMPMSB.

From June 2011 onward, TheWhistleblower711 alleged that contributions still continued but with a slightly modified mode of transaction (via a remittance letter) as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was then alerted to the case.

Highly questionable

The blogger said the general public would expect someone as highly regarded as the ulama to transfer these monies for his organisation, Yayasan Sofa Negeri Sembilan – an Islamic education foundation – and that there would be no “hidden agendas”.

“I beg to differ,” the TheWhistleblower711 said.

He said that firstly, Yayasan Sofa has its own bank account and contributions to the foundation would have been tax deductible if it had not been channelled directly to the ulama’s personal account.

Secondly, the blogger asked why was Yahya appointed as an adviser for Yayasan Sofa. “Question arises as to who appointed Yahya as one of the advisers. Even though Yahya is allegedly implicated in several briberies given to deputy ministers, MP and and senior government servants, he is still one of the advisers to Yayasan Sofa without ever being asked to resign from or relinquish his post.”

Thirdly, the blogger said the recent establishment of a Universiti As-Sofa by a company belonging to Yahya, Gerbang As Sofa Sdn Bhd, is highly questionable. Whistleblowerr711 said the ulama is also a director in the company and chairman of Gerbang As Sofa.Yahya was his equal partner.

(Just last week, the Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan Tuanku Muhriz Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir officiated at the opening of the As-Sofa University at Dataran Sentral Seremban, a university based on the Sunni teachings of Islam. He was appointed the university’s chancellor.)

“I would imagine someone highly regarded as a Muslim scholar… would be able to practise high integrity. Taking ‘contributions’ directly into his personal account from a man that has an interest in a business dealing is similar to taking bribes,” TheWhistleblower711 said.

He also said Gerbang As-Sofa’s paid-up capital was RM20 million and the ulama had paid nearly RM10 million, a sum that also raises questions about the ulama.

“I am saddened to see that even the sanctity of a religion is being corrupted by the likes of the invincible Yahya,” said the blogger, urging the both Yayasan Sofa and Universiti As-Sofa to clear its name.

“Both organisation and institution of higher learning claim to uphold the values of Islam, but the acts of those who are responsible for its establishment are far from it.”

Covert dealings

On Dec 18 last year, FMT first broke the story on The Whistleblower711′s allegations of covert dealings implicating Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussin, and two aides working under Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin respectively.

The blogger had alleged that the three government officials had received kickbacks and were “bought” by the same businessman, namely, Yahya, who was (AMPMSB) and Gerbang Perdana managing director.

The kickbacks, made through periodic or monthly contributions, were allegedly for the purpose of obtaining contracts from the federal government and its agencies.

Proof of these “bribes” was published in the blog in the form of scans of several cash deposit slips, together with the serial numbers. These were alleged to be the personal accounts of the government officials.

These alleged bribes for Awang Adek were made in relation to a contract to provide services to Bangunan Sultan Iskandar and Johor Baru Sentral in Johor by the Public Works Department, a contract Yahya’s companies allegedly won.

On Dec 21, Awang Adek admitted to receiving “political contributions” to his personal account as alleged but denied that it amounted to corruption.

He said the contributions were used for social programmes in Bachok, where he is the Umno division chief.

While Najib has yet to respond to the allegations against his aide, Muhyiddin said on Dec 27 that he would look into the allegations that his senior private secretary, Mohd Shukor Abdul Manan, received more than RM100,000 in kickbacks. He claimed to be unaware of any wrongdoings.

TheWhistleblower711 had also alleged that former Cabinet minister Azalina Othman Said received RM300,000 from Yahya.

‘Tweed Boss’

Azalina, who is Umno MP for Pengerang, former Tourism Minister and former Youth and Sports Minister, had later admitted to receiving the money but denied it was for corrupt purposes.

She had explained, through her press officer Zulkifli Mat Rawi, that Yahya had bought a classic car Mercedes Benz 280SL (1969 ) from her.

In yesterday’s posting, TheWhistleblower711 repeated that what he has disclosed so far is only the “tip of the iceberg”.

He described Yahya as the “Tweed Boss of Malaysia” – in reference to the infamous New York corrupt politician William M Tweed of the mid-1800s – who “has his grip on many politicians, senior government servants and even religious personality”.

“Mr Tweed is nicknamed Tweed Boss as he is on top of every scandal. I’m now seeing that Yahya is similar to Mr Tweed, as at every turn, his name will come top of the list,” TheWhistleblower711 told FMT in an e-mail.

“Many have fallen into his web. One most famous example that I can think of right now is Shazryl Eskay Abdullah [in the crooked bridge deal]. Now another one has been entangled in his cobweb,” he said.

“If the authorities still failed to act accordingly with integrity, then all hope is indeed lost. Malaysia is doomed to be ruled by the corrupt for a very, very long time either by Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat.”

TheWhistleblower711 promises more incriminating evidence in his “fight against corruption”.

2 thoughts on “Whistleblower: Muslim scholar on the take?

  1. The Religion World Dilemma:

    If they are corrupted they are willing to kill anyone just to shut them for good

    If they cant kill the non- believers, they will kill among themselves

    If they cant kill themselves, they will kill the believers

    If they are not terrorist.. they are corrupted

    If they are not corrupted.. they are terrorist

    If they are terroist, they kill any human even knowing that casualities will be their own kind

    If they are not terrorist or corrupted…they have wild imagination on having sex

    If they have wild imagination on sex..they dont mind having sex with their own young ones

    Read thoroughly the Jewish holy book: The Torah & also the Christian holy book: The Bible/Kitab Injil… The followers of Prophet Abraham/Ibrahim, Issac/Ishak, Ishmeal/Ismail, King David/Daud, Solomon/Sulaiman, Moses/ Musa,…& came along Joseph/Yusuf, Mary/Mariam, Jesus/Isa, etc,etc…

    The above elements on IF is there very much in their Holy Books of Torah & Bible… but as centuries passed by they have reformed & changed to suit to the changing time & era…& The Muslim world should seriously look at it as a case study & consider doing the same.

    We have to always remember that a person can be very knowlegble but understand very little. Knowledge is one thing but understanding is a another.

    God created us because he loved us all & never want us to be divided because of colour, creed, religion or race.

    In ONE we should unite as God’s creation & in ONE we shall fulfill his wishes always… regardless of what religion we practise as there is only ONE GOD in the universe.

    Larry Jay


    Views, opinions & ideogies may differ BUT that have to be done through the ballot box.
    Politics & religion will never be a great cocktail..its just stinks & sucks.

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