‘Mafia’ trio Gani, Musa, Anifah cornered MACC files

Pushparani Thilaganathan | April 9, 2012 (TMI)

Even as new revelations surface about MACC thwarting investigations in Sabah, infighting within Sabah Umno is threatening Najib’s influence.

KUALA LUMPUR: Sabah’s most influential men – Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail, Chief Minister Musa Aman and his brother Foreign Minister Anifah – allegedly blocked the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) investigations into tens of millions of ringgit worth of secret timber concessions and money laundering.

Leaked MACC documents revealed that Gani had allegedly shelved files on the investigation and refused to prosecute.
MACC’s investigation into Musa nominee Michael Chia’s arrest in Hong Kong in 2008 had allegedly thrown up details of the secret timber concessions within the family and Gani’s close ties to the Aman family.

Gani himself is from Lahad Datu, one of many entry points for illegal immigrants in Sabah. Gani’s wife is connected to Musa’s close associate, Johan Abdul Samad, who is also the deputy director of Yayasan Sabah.

Anifah’s wife is Johan’s sister. Musa himself is chairman of Yayasan Sabah, which holds monopoly over Sabah’s forest.
MACC investigations into the Chia case led to the revelations of tens of millions of ringgit worth of timber concessions which Musa had awarded his brother Anifah and nephew Hairul from the time he assumed power in 2003.

Chia was detained by the Hong Kong authorities at the Hong Kong International Airport for alleged money trafficking. He was caught trying to smuggle out of Hong Kong some S$16 million (RM40 million).

Apparently when he was caught, Chia told the Hong Kong authorities that the money was for Musa.
Gani’s “protective” instinct and the fact that Musa himself had a “close” relationship with former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin has kept Musa above the law.

At the time of the incident, rumours were that Musa had promised Abdullah the money in time for the Permatang Pauh by-election which saw Anwar Ibrahim return as MP.

However, such comfort has long since vanished. Musa and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak are not pals. The only link between them is Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor, who is said to be “close” to the Aman family.

Najib losing control in Sabah

Najib, however, prefers to put his own man Shafie Apdal – Umno vice-president – at the top seat if he can squeeze Musa out and this is no longer a closed-door secret.

Infighting within Sabah Umno is now rumoured to be at a “dangerous” level that even Najib is said to be losing control.
According to Sabah blogger Selvarajah Somiah, the 2009 allegation listed out by PKR Youth in its report lodged with Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) “threatened not only Musa but Najib’s credibility as well”.

“The central core of the exposé is Musa’s corruption of the state and the many questionable business deals linked to his relatives and cronies.
“The infighting in Sabah Umno is now in the open and numerous factions within are plotting to overthrow him. It’s all to do with money, ” he said.

In its 2009 complaint to ICAC, opposition Youth chief Shamsul Akmar had revealed that four Musa nominees had been linked to “corrupt and shady practices” involving funds belonging to the Sabah state government and several government-linked companies including Innoprise Corporation Sdn Bhd, Rakyat Berjaya Sdn Bhd and the Yayasan Sabah group.

“The public funds were illegally obtained and were siphoned out from Malaysia. They were deposited into various accounts in Hong Kong at UBS AG, Bank of East Asia Ltd, HSBC, Credit Suisse and Citibank,” Shamsul had reportedly said.

Revealing the depth of the “secret” deals, online portal, Sarawak Report, posted that Gani had refused to allow charges to be brought against Musa and Najib was “scandalously turning a blind eye to the affair”.

“Gani had forced the MACC to shelve its entire investigation in Sabah, which was one of the largest and most extensive ever undertaken by that body and involved sums amounting to billions of ringgit, siphoned out of the state by corruption at the highest level,” said the portal.

Aman-gate: ‘Charge in court, or we bring to public court’
Teoh El Sen | April 9, 2012

3 thoughts on “‘Mafia’ trio Gani, Musa, Anifah cornered MACC files

  1. HK ICAC has always been handling their cases without fear or favour. Even at their early inception, there were fearless investigators who sacrificed their lives in the name of justice. Just look at the recent arrest of two high level guys belonging to a renowned property developer in HK. Just wonder how macc is perceived to be different even though supposely modelled similar to ICAC.

  2. More than enough is said of these men responsible for every scandal in that part of the world. When are actions ever going to be taken against them ? The only way to stop them and all these scandals is to kick out the present regime in the coming GE and then and only then can indictments for these scandals and corruptions from going any further and also be eradicated and prevented in the future. I repeat the only way to do so is to kick the deceitful and corrupted scumbags and parasites from their ivory towers, they have every chance to come clean since becoming part of Malaysia. Both Singapore and Brunei must be so pleased that they are not part of this Allah forsaken Malaysia otherwise their enormous wealth would have gone to these morons and their lackeys from Umno.
    This monkey business that you scratch my back and I scratch yours must stop yesterday before the wealth of the nation is taken away and stack away in their foreign accounts. So their parties must end and make sure you come out in full force to vote these scandalous scumbags and parasites out of Putrajaya !

  3. Dear Readers,

    Malaysia is just next to Hollywood and Bollywood. In the so call “Bolehland”. UMNO had destroyed our nation to the core and had begun its rotting phase and if unchecked it will leave ashes for the nation to bear.

    UMNO with the help of EC has long put to plan on how to cheat this coming GE, and winning a must for their survival, and at all cost. Loosing means going to Sg. Buluh in droves. Can you imagine, we the rakyat lining up from KL Courthouse to Sg. Buluh to welcome them from time to time.

    So you see they cant lose. They claim they were transparent and PR had won 5 states in GE12. Yes, it was a surprise win and nobody expect it, non even PR, Rakyat and UMNO. You can see from the list of candidates from PKR, a bunch of crooks were lined up for the electorate roles, UMNO was caught unprepared, then and thus for GE13, they had planned very early and now they say BERSIH claim is baseless.

    UMNO needs a cleanup if they wanted to rule, a must to rid of all the corrupt leaders and associates. If they continue to rule by this ‘cheating tactics’ they are going to destroy Malaysia beyond recognisation. Please, rakyat be united to rid this evil politicians, UMNO is a good party but devils are running it now. Save the nation please..

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