PAS uncovers ‘task force’ to turn foreigners into voters

PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar today claimed that he has evidence to show that the government has set up a ‘task force’ to naturalise foreigners so that they can vote in the upcoming general election.

NONEQuoted in party organHarakahdaily, Mahfuz (left) named an aide to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, and senior officials of the National Security Council, National Registration Department and the Election Commission.

The names have been withheld by Malaysiakini pending confirmation.

“The BN government cannot face political pressure and are trying to deal with it by bringing in foreigners to vote for BN,” he told a press conference at the parliament lobby today.

He added that the evidence, which was not described byHarakahdaily, would warrant a royal commission of inquiry, and that the election cannot be held until the RCI’s report is ready.

When met later, Mahfuz refused to reveal how he got hold of this information nor substantiate his claim.

“This is information obtained from within,” said Mahfuz, stressing that he cannot reveal his source.

However, Mahfuz said he would willing to reveal all should a RCI be formed to probe his claim.

Supporting his call, PAS Youth information chief Ridhuan Mohd Nor in a statement said the allegations were “very serious” and concerned the sovereignity of the country.

“This gives the impression that our country can at any time be sold to foreign powers by government leaders who betray the rakyat’s trust,” he said.

Last year, PAS activists had cornered bus loads of foreigners at a resort in Sungai Merab, who were allegedly part of a MyKad scam.

Police, however, claimed that the foreigners were there for anentrepreneurial course.

Additional reporting by S Pathmawathy in Parliament.

5 thoughts on “PAS uncovers ‘task force’ to turn foreigners into voters

  1. This is a serious crime to the nation. We need to do something but what?. This is the dirty work started by that Mahathir. It started with the Biro Tata Negara and it went on from there. Nothing will stop them. While Singapore takes in the brain we chose to take in the scum and BN is happy. This must stop.

  2. How else do you think the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir, managed to stay in power for 23 years ? He only ‘retired’ when he knew the international criminal court was about to indict him and eventually will jail him for the atrocities he was committing. Also he thought he found a puppet in AB, who was his colleague for as long as he too was in the cabinet and more importantly he was appointed as a minister by the shenanigan himself. When AB did not complete but cancel the many white elephants he initiated the shenanigan then came out from his retirement and started to pick on AB.

    That was indeed a true reflection of the shenanigan’s judgement , not only in character, by also a reflection of his judgement on the many mega policies he implemented. And just like the many DPMs he chose, without being forced to, and then forced them to retire, sacked or jailed ! Why ? Therefore we can safely conclude that all the shenanigan’s judgements and decisions to implement the many white elephants were totally wrong, just like the smart tunnel he built, it was built for the mega commission that went with it. Whenever K.L. has a heavy downfall the traffic in K.L. will come to a gridlock is a true testimony of his decision.
    Not a so smart tunnel after all, it is indeed a ‘smart’ and mega way to steal in the name of being the P.M. and a Malay when he is not one and will never be. Can all the Malays who married Europeans become Europeans by the same reasoning !

  3. All we have to do is to check with the NRD whether there is a significant spike in citizenship. If they are not forthcoming, then we may have to engage a spy or hack into heir computer system.

    Just talking without evidence is very difficult for everybody.

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