Let MACC investigate Copgate, says Hisham

(At long last! But hang on…Firstly, who are these ‘they’ who want an investigation? You do not order an investigation based on what others said. You investigate based on the merit and the seriousness of the accusations!  The Minister has it wrong again as the investigation is not just because ‘they (the opposition) want it. The citizens of this country want justice to be done and seen to be done!!

Similarly you don’t get to decide which agency to investigate. It must be based on the authority and job scope of the agency concerned. If the nature of offence is within the jurisdiction of the police, you don’t ask MACC. But sorry, with all due respect, if at all there is any left, the MACC is definitely the worst law enforcement agency to investigate Copgate. Everyone knows that the MACC will not charge a high up without the approval of the PM.

This is surely about of abuse of power. If MACC found the truth, the file will be sent to AG to prosecute. Alas! Will the  AG prosecute himself? The appropriate body to investigate is definitely an RCI, like the Lingam tape. The RCI should include senior lawyers from the Bar Council and astute former judges. Nothing short of a Royal Commision of enquiry on such high powered officials!  ) – Dr Dzul.

Hazlan Zakaria (Mkini)

7:58PM Mar 26, 2012

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is the proper law enforcement agency to investigate the Copgate allegations, argued Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein today.

“If they want an investigation, we can investigate. But the proper agency to do so is the MACC. This is because it involves a former IGP and if the police investigate, they (the opposition) will say that it is not fair,” Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told the Dewan Rakyat during his turn at winding-up the debate on the Royal Address for his ministry.

He was responding to queries from R Sivarasa (PKR-Subang), Gobind Singh Deo (DAP-Puchong) and Mahfuz Omar (PAS-Pokok Sena) who stood up to intervene, asking him to respond to the serious Copgate allegations.

“If you have new information, submit it to the MACC,” added the minister.

The scandal allegedly linked a former top cop and a serving attorney-general with framing police officers to cover up the crimes of an underworld figure.

Hishammuddin’s answer came after a near-altercation between the opposition MPs on one side and the home minister and BN backbenchers on the other, as the Pakatan parliamentarians continued to press the minister for an answer.

This prompted the backbenchers to retaliate with their own jibes.

‘Speaker facepalmed’

The parliamentarians’ actions, however, did not impress speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia, who had to ask them to calm down and sit several times.

In one instance, the speaker had to switch off the microphones as the ruckus grew too loud and he covered his face with his hands in frustration.


The Copgate allegations were levelled by former KL CID chief Ramli Yusoff (left) who alleged that he and some of his men involved with investigating a Johor-based crime tycoon were targeted and framed for allegedly fabricating evidence to derail their investigations and protect the crime figure allegedly linked to then-police chief Musa Aman.

Ramli also alleged that serving attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail was also in cahoots with Musa, having manipulated the Anti-Corruption Agency, the forerunner of the MACC, to fabricate the evidence against the police officers.

Recently, Ramli came forward with new evidence as well as a witness still currently serving in the force, Musa’s former aide-de-camp, who is willing to testify.

Hishammuddin had previously dismissed the allegations as “old news” already investigated and found to be without merit.

However, he had asked those with any further allegations to provide hard evidence to the authorities, so that they can investigate.

2 thoughts on “Let MACC investigate Copgate, says Hisham

  1. As usual, nothing will come out of this investigation because all the public institutions have crumbled.

    1. ..and you have to thank that mamatkhutty for that. Frankly there is nothing left for him to destroy. Singapore said it all when they said our government is run by a bunch of incompetent administrators..

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