‘Be careful with KL-S’pore rapid transit project’

S Pathmawathy (MKini)
6:52PM Mar 26, 2012

The opposition has warned the government against rushing through the proposed plan to construct a rapid transit system (RTS), which include an underwater tunnel and a bullet train to Singapore, as it may result in another failed initiative without comprehensive consultations.

Pakatan Rakyat parliamentarians said the “privately funded initiative (PFI), estimated to cost RM30 billion if implemented all at once” can result in another government bailout.

ucsi integrity congress 160910 dzulkefly“The government says that the project is not a priority and feasibility studies are being conducted, but suddenly they will announce commencing the project and appoint someone to do it,” said Kuala Selangor PAS MP Dzulkefly Ahmad (left).

“Even the double-tracking rail project has not even been completed, but we are looking at the RTS, and now we are talking also about the bullet train – how much money do we have right now?”

Dzulkefly said that the proposal bore stark resemblance to the assurance given by the government when the mass rapid transit (MRT) was mooted.

“I heard this is also a PFI but I am quite sure, like many others, the Klang Valley MRT when it was initiated… it was claimed to be a privately funded initiative, driven by domestic investments but finally it is now undertaken and underwritten by the government,” said Dzulkefly.

Earlier today, Tebrau BN MP Teng Boon Soon asked on the progress made on the proposed project and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Ahmad Maslan replied that the project was not a priority to the government.

“Today, we hear from the deputy minister that concurrent with that, the cabinet and the prime ministers from both sides (Singapore and Malaysia) are discussing the RTS,” said Dzulkefly.

He argued that the opposition is not opposed to improving the country’s public infrastructure and transportation system but the “mad rush” is resulting in massive losses to the government.

“We failed in the first round with our other rail systems… all privatised and then we bailed them out.

NONE“So now we want it transparent and public consultations done early and not at the point of awarding the tender, because this will end up with the government sustaining an even greater debt,” he said, adding that the proposed project was untenable.

Indera Mahkota PKR parliamentarian Azan Ismail (right) said things could go worse if the project is cancelled halfway through implementation, in the event it is regarded to be unfeasible, like the now-scrapped Malaysia-Singapore “crooked bridge” project.

“We urge the government to be cautious and not repeat the same mistakes,” said Azan.

Dzulkefly added the Land Public Transport Commission (Spad) should assume responsibility and display the project’s detailed blueprints instead of coming up with piecemeal proposals.

VIDEO l 14.31 mins

Bullet train project heading for a bailout? – Patrick Lee (FMT)

2 thoughts on “‘Be careful with KL-S’pore rapid transit project’

  1. When the deceitful and corrupted Umno scumbags and parasites are aware that their days in Putrajaya are numbered, and might as well take whatever they can and also the only chance of emptying the cookie jars empty for the incoming regime.
    These are only further proofs of their chances in the coming GE when the leader is saying to the public that their chances are getting better in the coming GE. To begin with have they ever asked why their chances were bad in the first place and also why is it they are dishing out billion of ringgits just before the election and not earlier, they had all the chances to do so ? Have the people ever being 500 ringgits or even 200 ringgit before ? Why, they must think, that we are morons just like them ?

  2. The BN Federal Govt wants to sapu the nation’s coffers right now. I am not even sure that the rakyat are really pleased with the RM500 when the BN flers can avail billions for themselves. The Chinese support is nearly all gone. Look at what happened to Wee Ka Siong, haha.

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