PAS sets conditions to join PSC on Lynas

Harakahdaily, 20 March 2012

Mar 20: PAS’s Kuala Selangor member of parliament Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad has laid out three conditions before the party would consider its participation in the parliamentary select committee on the issues surrounding rare-earth refinery Lynas.

Dzulkefly (pic), who is incidentally a qualified toxicologist, said the government should first issue a stop-work order on Lynas’s factory in Gebeng, Pahang and withdraw the temporary operating license awarded by the Atomic Energy Licensing Board.

A third condition he mentioned was to stop the import of rare-earth concentrate.

Last Friday, the government agreed to the setting up of a ten-member PSC on Lynas chaired by Higher Education minister Khaled Nordin. The committee would comprise of four Barisan Nasional MPs, three from Pakatan Rakyat and one ‘independent’.

However, prime minister Najib Razak’s statement that the PSC was just “an engagement process with the public to ensure that the matter is well understood by them” has drawn criticism.

Dzulkefly said if the committee could not decide the future of Lynas after its probe, the whole exercise was pointless.

“It must finally be able to decide on the fate of Lynas. Otherwise, it’s all pulling wools over the public eyes, or white-washing an already finished Lynas plant.

Earlier, DAP said it would stay away from the PSC, saying it would not want to be part of a committee which would only justify Lynas.

2 thoughts on “PAS sets conditions to join PSC on Lynas

  1. Yes, YB Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad

    We need you (with your expert knowledge) to actively counter the
    lies, distortions and half truths of the
    “objective scientists” and intellectual hired guns used by Lynas and its
    supporters in the UMNO-BN ruling regime who are pushing for this
    insane project to proceed.


    Phua Kai Lit (public health professor and outraged Kuantan boy)

  2. The Parliamentary Select Comm is just an eyewash set-up as a public relations exercise by the BN Government. Kick out BN – that is the only solution to the Lynas problem.

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