Cronyism still rules, Mr Prime Minister — Sam Peh

MARCH 19 — Najib Razak has no shame. He goes before former senior civil servants and proclaims that Putrajaya will give contracts to only qualified Malays.

That is an untrue statement. He obviously has chosen to forget about the RM2.2 billion Kinrara Damansara Exchange (Kidex) highway deal which was given to a qualified builder aka former Chief Justice Zaki Azmi and Umno lawyer Hafarizam Harun.

The PM chairs the Economic Council and he would have been instrumental in giving this sweet deal to two individuals who do not by any measure qualify as builders.

He can deny it as much as he wants but the highway contract follows a pattern of award which has become synonymous with Najib’s government.

The West Coast Highway on paper went to IJM and other respected builders but it is an open secret that the main beneficiary is the same man who was given a licence to operate a television station!

Defence deals are given to cronies, the double tracking is given to royalty or nominees of royalty or those who carve out deals with connected individuals in Putrajaya.

Don’t for a minute believe that the NFC is a rare case. Mahathir’s cronyism and nepotism is back in vogue and in a way this is how Najib keeps the Umno warlords in his corner.

Even when listed companies get a chunk of government mega projects, it is because they have worked out side deals with those close to power.

So Najib can shout all he wants and can even swear but the reality is that the politically connected and cronies are getting fat like never before.

Today’s civil servants know this and it is their duty to this country to blow the whistle on Najib’s double talk.

* Sam Peh reads The Malaysian Insider.

4 thoughts on “Cronyism still rules, Mr Prime Minister — Sam Peh

  1. The government procurement contract, if allowed to go on open tender, can easily save maybe 40% of the budget.

    The recent sale of MAJU highway to another entity for RM1.7 billion cannot be allowed to continue iof MAJU gets to keep the RM975 million in government grant. Maju, as I understand it, still owes money to the bandar tasik selatan sentral station, although it was already completed and whatever money they received from the banks already used.

  2. The award to the former Chief Justic for all the ‘favorable awards’ is the contract for the highway ! Who are these lawyers by profession ? No, none whatsoever track records of a road builder, may be highway men in disguise as lawyer and Chief Judge. What a bloody shamble and it can only happen in boleh land ! You don’t need any more reasons to kick the deceitful Umno scumbags out of Putrajaya in the coming GE ? Yet the DPM claimed that the building of the highway’s contract was given on merit, especially the 1.4 million civil servants, the supporters of Umno, have to be real morons to accept this excuse or may be it takes one to recognize another and may be with these corrupted people running the government the civil servants are safe from any indictment. Please note when the country goes bust the first to be on the block are the civil servants and with your reputation where else can you go ?

  3. Well, my dear learned friends & foes,

    This legacy of continuous cronism, nepotism, corruptions & scandals introduced, initiated & created by Mahathir which extremely enriched his families & cronies through the blood, sweat & tears of the rakyat will never end until the present UMNO/BN regime is wiped out from the face of Parliament once & for all.

    UMNO/BN are blinded with greed & power to continuously accumulate wealth and have totally ignored & disregarded the pleas, plight & hardship of the rural Malays, Chinese, Indians & East Malaysians.

    The most highest & noble instituition of the Judiciary, AG’s Chambers & Police in our so called democratic nation of Malaysia have tarnished to the peak caused by Mahathir & his UMNO/BN regime & it will continue as to protect their ill-doings & it will continue as long as they are in power.

    But, its so sad to say..that after 55 years of intimidation by the UMNO/BN regime…most Malaysian are still dumb, deaf, blind, mute & completely retarded, mentally & emotionally to allow the UMNO/BN regime to continue the legacy created by Mahathir & his cronies!!!

    Its a catastrophic trajedy indeed…in what state of mind Malaysians are!!!

    Larry Jay

  4. This nation is going to implode after the 13th General Election because the rakyat are still stupid enough to vote for BN. Prices of goods and inflation will go up tremendously and GST will be implemented. Truly, 2012 is end of the world for many poor Malaysians who cannot afford to migrate to greener pastures overseas. Armageddon is at hand.

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