That’s how we should describe UMNO

“The abuses and crimes committed by UMNO over the past five decades (esp of late) and which continue today are sinful and despicable. The gross mismanagement is unIslamic and anti-Islam, against Tawhid (oneness of God) and the Qur’an (and against the interest of rakyat and the nation). That’s how we should describe UMNO,” he added.

Dzulkefly on ensuring strong Malay support for PR

Harakahdaily, 16 March 2012

Mar 16: Posed with a question on the scenario of a Pakatan Rakyat Federal government that has Malay members of parliament as minority, PAS’s director of research Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad (pic) said the matter was not trivial, describing it a dilemma for Malay voters.

According to the Kuala Selangor MP, the country’s politics is at the crossroads, with the Malay-Muslim community torn between choosing to stay with UMNO due to Malay sentiments that do not take into account corruption, and supporting PAS and Pakatan Rakyat, the multi-racial coalition which eyes a change in the political landscape.

Dzulkefly said UMNO’s greatest fear was PAS’s steady movement to the ‘centre’, and this includes its adaptation of the benevolent state.

“It will be easier for UMNO if PAS continues to be perceived as an hardline party which talks about hudud laws, because UMNO can then tell the non-Muslims that ‘If PR wins, you better watch out!’,” Dzulkefly told the forum “Analysis of the Post GE-13 Political Direction” last night.

PAS’s transformation, however, has forced UMNO to use right-wing fronts such as Perkasa and Jati as its whipping boys, to portray PAS as a party that deviated from its Islamic principles.

“That doesn’t make the party more unIslamic. On the other hand, PAS leaders must learn to articulate in the modern political language, focusing on UMNO-BN’s abuses which have cost the people the prosperity they deserved,” he said, adding that this was the biggest challenge faced by PAS currently.

Dzulkefly, who is in the PAS Central Committee, urged Muslim NGOs to free the siege mentality among Muslims that was being encouraged by UMNO, through such claims as the ‘Christian threat’.

“It must not continue to dwell itself in the dogma of Muslims or non-Muslims, hudud or no hudud or others,” he said.

The Malay Muslims, he stressed, must be approached with issues beyond hudud laws, and be told of the rampant abuses by the current administration, saying this would automatically lead to a recognition to the need for a change of government.

According to Dzulkefly, PAS could handle UMNO even without hudud on PR’s common policy platform, saying Islam is strongly opposed to corruption and wealth embezzlement.

“The abuses and crimes committed by UMNO over the past five decades and which continue today are sinful and despicable. The gross mismanagement is unIslamic and anti-Islam, against Tawhid (oneness of God) and the Qur’an. That’s how we should describe UMNO,” he added.

8 thoughts on “That’s how we should describe UMNO

  1. Mps and ministers should be elected and appointed based on ability and integrity to bring improvement to the wellbeing of the rakyat irrespective of race and religion and not on the pretence of helping your own kind with embezzlement and depriving them the livelihood that they deserve.

  2. Dr Dzul, Keep PAS to the “Centre”. Hudud have been wrongfully understood by the religous authority either in or outside PAS. This wrong version of Hudud have been used by UMNO to work against PAS. As a result people like Chua Soil Leg also use Hudud to scare Chinese against Islam or DAP.

    “Hudud” (Boundary) or “Islamic State” (Peaceful & Wellbeing State not Hudud State!) must be addresed and achieved in its substance, not just as rethoric as like what UMNO leaders did eg. “UMNO is a Malay saviour” but at the same time plundering “Malay wealth” as they wish.

    I totally agree with you that the winning factor for PR vs BN is to be a “centre” movement. Albeit the progress, however there is a challenge within PAS to keep the organization to the “Center”. They are many religous leaders or followers that are brought up and doctrinized to their “thinking box” which is unIslamic by right. It is a well known fact that your religous understanding is what your parents and your teacher and your society teach or dictate you. In short, we are unable to think when it comes to religion, even to critical minds like of nuclear scientiest etc.

  3. First of all not everything in UMNO as bad as what you paint and not all in PAS as good as what you wish.

    Actually PAS failed to recognize what the Malay want from PAS. Yes the Malays acknowledged that UMNO is not perfect and do have its problems but what the Malays see in UMNO is a dominant party among other component parties in BN which is important for them to assert the Muslimness and Malayness of the country.

    Whereas in PAS they only see a party which is subservient to other party especially DAP (racist party how ever much you try to deny) which is so anathema to the Malays.

    What PAS needs to do is to breakaway from PR and stand on its own to fight BN. With the non-Muslim wing in PAS, they can have their non-Muslim candidates to stand for PAS to contest in GE. PAS needs to be the government alone and never with DAP.

    My vote for PAS and I believe many others among the people is conditional upon PAS breaking away from PR/DAP.

    To summarize, the Malays never trust the DAP and they don’t like PAS to cooperate with DAP.

  4. A lot of Malays believe DAP to be racist. This is due to the Umno conditioning of the Malay mind. Has DAP’s Lim Guan Eng bullied the Malays in Penang? Don’t forget that Lim Guan Eng went to jail fighting for the rights of a Muslim minor.

  5. The facts is that DumpyUmno already mislead the rakyat because they afraid if rakyat knows the truth dumpyumno will be in shit. They simply make use of the Malay right because they are dumpyumno. They thought Malaysia belong to their grandfather lands and rakyat money belong to dumpyumno. They cannot denied it because it is quite obvious what had had happened before and after.

  6. Errrr! I say, This Dr Dzul is a recipient of BN’s NEP, no? If no NEP, he would be selling goreng pisang at Kuala Selangor fort.

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