Tell us everything, Najib — Sam Peh

Once again, Prime Minister Najib Razak disappoints with a ridiculous statement, aimed at absolving Mahathir Mohamad, the champion of double-speak.

Najib said that the government will consider releasing correspondence between Mahathir and his Israeli counterpart Ehud Barak, to show that Mahathir did not soften Malaysia’s stance on Palestine.

Obviously, Najib wants to do that because otherwise his statement against Anwar Ibrahim for saying in an interview that the security of Israel should be guaranteed unmasked him as Jew sympathiser would be hypocritical. It is also possible that since Mahathir seems to be running the country, Najib has really no choice.

I suggest that since Najib is on disclosure mode, he also consider revealing facts that are far more important to Malaysians such as:

1) The confidential agreement between Danaharta and Tajudin Ramli which allowed the favoured businessman to stop paying RM590 million to the government agency. Can you imagine any government giving up a court award of RM590 million?

2) The correspondence between a company which allowed it to get a RM2.2 billion road deal. Oh I forgot, the main actors in this deal is the Umno lawyer Hafarizam Harun and former Chief Justice Zaki Azmi. No open tender just an award.

3) The minutes of a Public Accounts Committee meeting where government officials disclosed information about the National Feedlot Corporation where it was alleged that Muhyiddin Yassin’s role in promoting the project was disclosed.

4) The true details of the bloated West Coast Highway where it is alleged that an Indian businessman close to the PM and a royal with a penchant for delivering speeches are beneficiaries.

These are just some examples which the PM would be better advised addressing because it involves taxpayers’ money.

I am not talking about salacious details on disclosing commission paid on the submarine deal or how a model’s immigration records were erased. Unlike the correspondence between Mahathir and Barak, the examples I quoted involve taxpayers’ money.

So how about it, Najib?

One thought on “Tell us everything, Najib — Sam Peh

  1. Should not be distracted by cheap talks by these guys. Stay focus on the 13GE and keep reminding rakyat on those corruptions and leakages amounting to billions and how those mind boggling amount can be used to improve the livelihood of the heartlanders.

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