VP6  is called the Right of Return Convoy & its focus is on the reconstruction & rebuilding of Gaza. VP6 is organised by VP Arabia.

It is scheduled to leave London 22 April 2012 & enter Gaza on 15 May 2012, the day of the Nakba (Catastrophe – see attached document). VP6 will probably be the ultimate “break the siege” land convoy as the organizers are hopeful that the new Egyptian government will be more sympathetic towards Gaza.

VP6 will travel through France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria and Jordan, crossing by ferry from Aqaba to Nuweiba. However, the organiser is keeping a close eye on Syria and will change the route if necessary. In this case, VP6 will sail on a chartered ship from Turkey to Egypt before proceeding to Gaza


Unlike the previous convoys, VP6 is focusing on vehicles that will help in the reconstruction of Gaza. The vehicles range from tipper trucks, garbage trucks, minibus & utility vans.  There will only be 2 persons per vehicle as the emphasis is on the aid and not the passengers.


VP6 will be carrying reconstruction aid among others. This include carrying mini diggers on tipper truck


VPM will be part of this siege breaking convoy again Inshallah. We will begin fund raising 1st March through our usual means.

As we are actively involved in the rebuilding of 11 schools in Gaza, we will be carrying aid to that effect, We hope to purchase books, computers, printers, laboratory instruments and other educational materials to fill up a couple of our vehicles. These will be purchased in Turkey based on the list provided to us by our local partners in Gaza.

Currently we have confirmed a minimum of 2 vehicles. The exact numbers will depend on the funds raised and the number of volunteers eligible to drive them. We will be working very closely with our partners in VPM, notably Aqsa Syarif who were with us on VP5, to purchase road worthy, 2-3 year old vehicles in London for the long haul. At least two VPM  mini school bus, will flag off in London and a few more from Aqsa Syarif.

VP6 organiser expects each country to provide names and the vehicles to be bought and driven to Gaza by 31  March 2012.

VPMers who are interested to join VP6 are advised to register their names with our secretary at Each volunteer is required to raise their own return flight ticket to the port of entry, is of good health and has a valid international driving licence.

The VPM executive committee will decide in due course the persons eligible to fly the Malaysia-VPM flag on each of our mini-buses on VP6


Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin



  1. I dunno why these people are wasting time, effort and money on such effort which we all know will never succeed.

    The best solution for israelis and palestinians is to live in ONE nation, side by side in oeace, and not the TWO state solution. I suggest the next Malaysian govenrment to come up with this in the UN.

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