PAS defends sacking, says Hasan was on warpath

January 16, 2012

Dzulkefly said Hasan was given every opportunity to challenge his dismissal, but did not do so. — File pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 16 — PAS has defended its sacking of Datuk Dr Hasan Ali, with one leader saying today the Selangor assemblyman’s attacks against the Islamist party left it with “no other choice.”

PAS central committee member Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said Hasan’s criticism against the party and its policies left the leadership with little choice but utilise provisions in the party’s constitution to expel him.

Citing Article 82 (9) of the party charter, Dzulkefly said the central working committee was authorised to directly penalise members for “special and major” offences.

“What could be worse than waging war against party’s aspiration, decision and policies?” he told The Malaysian Insider.

Former Selangor PAS chief Hasan said today he will embark on a nationwide tour “soon” to explain what he claims are the true reasons behind his “unjust” sacking from the Islamist party.

Speaking at a press conference at his home, Hasan charged that his dismissal came a day after PKR deputy president Azmin Ali had attacked him for discouraging students from attending a gathering in support of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim last week.

Hasan said the expulsion went against any “normal procedures”, and that it was undemocratic and “autocratic” of the PAS leadership to not give him a chance to defend himself against accusations that he was not then aware of.

In response, Dzulkefly pointed out that Hasan had ample opportunity to “correct and redeem” himself for his actions, but failed to do so.

“Hasan had all avenues… including meeting a senior member of the Majlis Syura Ulama sent to see him.

“But he even refused to see him… on numerous occasions he levelled caustic allegations against PAS, accusing us of deviating from our struggle in Barisan Nasional media including our Negara Berkebajikan document  which was endorsed in the PAS Muktamar, the party’s highest authority,” he added.

Hasan had also claimed that “parasites” had infiltrated the party, causing the leadership to “bow down” to their demands and compromise PAS’s Islamic struggles

2 thoughts on “PAS defends sacking, says Hasan was on warpath

  1. Assalamu alaikum YB Dr.Zul,
    Sekadar perbincangan berkaitan artikel diatas.
    1)what could be worse than waging war against the party…
    2)had ample opportunity to correct and redeem himself…
    3)had all avenues,including a sr.member of Majlis Syura Ulama senrt to see him.
    …..coming from some one like you, I think you’ve done a very big mistake,why?
    1)what could be worse than waging war against the government,
    2) and 3) needless to say, you’re always around and free to travel overseas including
    London where wanted people like RPK could stay and continue what he has been doing
    here,but not lately.
    With reasons being said-above, read to you and then the judge sentenced you to death for treason. Could we as the citizens say that justice has seen to be done?
    Sometimes when such things happened,we may argue that we don’t meaned the govt. but UMNO/BN or not Najib as the PM but the president of UMNO.
    Mengapa tidak,cadangan saya, apabila kita sedar telah melakukan sesuatu kesilapan atau kesalahan,kita perbetulkan? Sekiranya di biarkan saperti DSAI dpecat, makna kata ada
    persamaan PAS dengan UMNO dan tidak mustahil perkara yang sama boleh berlaku kepada Dr.Zul sendiri, TG Us.Hadi, TG Us.Nik Aziz, Y.Bhg.Sdr.Mat Sabu dan semua yang lain berkaitan dengan sebab sebab yang lebih kurang sama.
    Sekiranya ada kata kata yang menyinggung,saya mohon ampun dan maaf terlebih dahulu kepada YB Dr.Zul.

  2. Dr Hassan telah di beri banyak kelonggaran dari pada pemimpin Pas, kebelakanngan ini banyak pekara telah berlaku membabitkan isu agama Islam dan Christian berlaku di Selangor, kita lihat bagaimana pekara seperti ini berlalu pada abad ini, kita bukan menuding jari kapada Dr Hassan , cuma kita lihat dia tak dapat menyatukan rakyat yang berbilang kaum dan agama, saya percaya bukan agama yang tak baik tapi manusia.Saya bukan orang Islam tetapi saya melihat agama Islam memang baik, begitu juga agama lain, kita sebagai rakyat malaysia tak seharusnya memikirkan agama sendiri sehaja sebab orang lain mempunyaai hak yang sama.Pas telah mengabil tindakan yang sangat bagus untuk membawa party itu lebih maju ke hadapan.

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