Umno needs a ‘Game-Changer’ to ‘Share the Nation’?

I didn’t manage to pen my piece on the recent Umno General Assembly (GA) or PAU. Now writing for my book, ‘Striving for Change’, I shall now have the last say. This piece appears in the Malaysianinsiders, 23 December, 2012

Granted. Umno has done it again. Yes, even worse than the chest-thumping and brandishing of the keris, Umno leaders have said it all again. Each outdoing the other to inflict greater trepidation in their political nemesis, the opposition parties.

In so doing, Umno has turned “xenophobic”. In their manic phase, they are finally waging war against anything perceived as “non-Umno” and, more despised, ‘anti-Umno’.

Now that the dust has settled, Umno “moderates” (very few) would have wished that it was only a rehearsal of sorts. Likened to a horrendous dream, many would not want to be reminded by it. If only they could rewind or delete the orgy of vitriolic speeches and frenzied antics. It has surely left a very bad taste in the nation’s mouth for a long time to come. But it is too late.

In all fairness, Najib’s speech and the sound bites were mainly of party about to face a “do-or-die” outing in the impending 13th general election (GE). Understandably, it was aimed at heightening party’s diehards and the faithful to be battle-ready.

But beyond those usual rhetoric expected of leaders of all political parties, of whatever ideological persuasions and notably in anticipation of a GE, Umno has inadvertently laid themselves bare in the eyes of all and sundry.

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