‘Najib failed to deliver hope for GE13’ – Asri

Despite the rising heat of a snap polls being called, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak failed to address the hopes and aspirations for the 13th general election in his policy speech at the Umno annual general assembly, says a religious leader.

“The signal in many speeches is that if Umno does not capture the hearts of the people, it is not impossible that there will be a change in the federal government,” former Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said today.

NONE“But I find the president’s speech to be less effective in conveying the message before the election, be it in terms of language or content. I was expecting something stronger,” Asri (left) said.

He pointed out that the next general election would be a battle for political parties to capture the hopes of the people, however that ‘hope’ today has gone beyond bread and butter issues.

“With the change in ‘hope’ for the new generation, is Umno still relevant for today’s generation to continue hoping? This is the question that Umno has to answer today.”

The ‘hope’ today, he said, encompassed human rights, including freedom of speech and to participate in politics, good governance and equal rights.

‘Appreciation does not equal votes’

The people may appreciate Umno’s close to 70 years of history and contributions, but may not necessarily support it.

“The people who vote for other parties may not necessarily despise Umno, but simply feel that their hopes lie in other parties,” Asri said.

Najib, who is also Umno president, spoke at length in his speech today on the contributions of Umno in the past 65 years, but touched briefly on his civil liberty reforms.

However, Asri acknowledged that Najib had attempted to revive the “fading hope” within Umno.

“But in certain aspects of reviving that hope, sometimes there are those who try to destroy it. Within Umno, there are those who create hope and there are those that destroy hope.”

Drawing parallels to countries being swept by the Arab Spring, Asri said the people were willing to go against those governments and risk destruction because they had lost hope, and that risk would at least rekindle the possibility of new hope.

“If a government buries the hopes of the people, then it will be buried,” he said.

“If Umno can succeed (in meeting the people’s hopes), then Umno will continue winning, or else, the opposite will happen.”

3 thoughts on “‘Najib failed to deliver hope for GE13’ – Asri

  1. Sorry Dr. Asri but he got it wrong. Its not the heart of the people Najib got to capture – its the warlords in UMNO that matters. Its not a coincident that is their focus this GA. Najib & Muhiyiddin made a HUGE leap in lying by UMNO/BN. Its now dominates their ENTIRE PLAN. Because the lies get bigger, it means the warlords should be fighting among themselves even harder to grab at whatever is available to grab because they will need to to keep the lies going. If the warlord are not normal and dumb as the critics says they are then Najib has a chance but if they are even normal, then Najib’s plan should fall apart. The smarter the warlords are, the faster the plan should fall apart.

    So, it does not matter if it does not give hope to the Malays, its whether the warlords figured out how dumb it really is.

  2. Pity, Malay issue is made the subject of accusation, as scapegoat to actualize hidden ideals of the elites. Badly the Malays cannot buy it because like cows they have had that insignia chopped as ketuanan and rather died to be dragged and slaughtered in the grave of their own making. Thus jihad suddenly come to the fore suggesting more of a religious agenda for a grand finale.
    So what hope left?
    Many a Malay-Moslem was invited to attain that hijrah, a mental metamorphosis to accept a universal existence in a multiracial society in a more divine sense of tolerance. But this idea is too far-fetched for any racial bigot like those symbiotic moos and that should deprived another deenal Islam as expounded by The Revelation. Denying this fundamental practice should have killed all hopes in the heart of the Moslems.
    Only nincompoops dare enshroud in red and laud for their lost future who cannot differentiate between smart citizens and nutty audiences. They have removed that person in their won race by playing dirty role to fool the Malays themselves. Ask them if they can accept the apparition of the good brain that we can find them in the other Malay? It is before this other Malay we can put up that hope.
    The dividing line between pleasure and appreciation is boredom. Umno bores the new generation. Extending her a new life is morally wrong and religiously misappropriate. How a frigid decrepit old lady could helps you make a robust statesman to shoulder the responsibility as a caliph? For the young blood it is a real put off!

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