PAS guarantees Malays still powerful under Pakatan rule

November 30, 2011

Hadi said the only one who would lose power under PR rule was Umno. — File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 — Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang yesterday gave PAS’s “guarantee” that Malays would still remain powerful under Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) rule, moving swiftly to counter an Umno leader’s claim that the community would suffer under such a government.
The PAS president said the issue “does not even arise” as the number of seats contested by PR’s non-Malay leaders from DAP and PKR only amounted to about 60 of the 222 parliamentary seats available.

“It is not only a guarantee, but a reality,” Hadi told The Malaysian Insider yesterday.

“In Malaysia’s political geography, the number of seats that DAP contests at present are only about 40 out of the 222. How would DAP, even if it wins in all 40, take over? It is not right.

“Plus with PKR, the (non-Malay) seats number to only 60 out of 222 and the rest are Malay seats… so it (Umno’s claim) is something that makes no sense,” he said.

Hadi was commenting on Umno information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan’s warning earlier yesterday that the Malays would lose everything to the Chinese should the country experience a “hung parliament” scenario, such as Australia’s, in the next general election.

Ahmad also accused DAP of disrespecting the royal institution as well as the national language, claiming that even Islam would be “lost” if PR won more seats.

“Say goodbye to Islam, because they (DAP) are agents of Christianisation … in talking about the Malay agenda we cannot run away from this,” said Ahmad.

Stressing that the threat of “Malays losing power” was very real, Ahmad claimed that the Chinese community was slowly gaining control of the country’s politics and economy.

But Hadi dismissed Ahmad’s remarks as “empty threats”, accusing the deputy minister of using the race card to unite the Malays under Umno.

“The one who loses power if PR makes gains, is Umno. The one who replaces them is us in PAS and PR.

“This is an empty threat… to promote racist sentiments… a statement that is inaccurate as it does not consider Malaysia’s political geography,” he said.

Hadi’s PR colleague, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, yesterday accused Umno of “doing the same as Hitler” by using such threats to win support.

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said Ahmad’s remarks showed Umno is “still stuck in its racist agenda” and “cultivating a culture of fear” ahead of a general election expected early next year.

Umno is currently holding what is likely to be its last general assembly before a general election expected early next year.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is said to need a marked improvement from the last polls to retain his position as only a return of Barisan Nasional’s customary two-thirds majority of Parliament can guarantee he remains in office.

BN ceded 82 federal seats and four state governments to the opposition in the landmark Election 2008.

4 thoughts on “PAS guarantees Malays still powerful under Pakatan rule

  1. The Indonesian DPM once proudly told the Malaysians that his parents came from different parts of Indonesia yet he has the audacity to claim he is Malay first and Malaysian second. He is not a Malay, he is an Indonesian and there is no two ways about that, only fools and idiots would want to believe that he is a Malay, period.
    Why is it that my great great grand father came to Malacca a few hundred years ago before him, married and settled down with an immigrant from Indonesia yet I am still regarded as a Baba just like thousands of others ?
    Now that the DPM is facing the possibility of getting kick out of Putrajaya he is clinging in to be the champion of the Malays. Just because he needs their votes to stay in power he is now claiming that the Malays will suffer under the rule of the Chinese. How is that possible when the total number of Chinese candidates for parliament is always less than even 40% ? So stop playing around with region and race !
    Isn’t this further evidence that he is just playing around with fear or is he telling the world of his ignorant of mathematic ? How can a country have an ignorant man like him to be the DPM ? What will Malaysia be with him around as DPM who is aspiring to be the next P.M.. Just look at what Johore is , with Johore Bahru only a stone throw away from Singapore, with him as MB before running away to K.L. pretending to be in the cabinet ?

  2. Between UMNO/MCA and PAS I’ll vote for PAS anytime,anytime. At least they are not racists. Pls UMNO and MCA, don’t frighten me with PAS Hudud law. It is better than your sinister scheme of racism and corruption that have permeated the whole civil services and the GLC’s. I, in fact all Malaysians have suffered enough and paid the price. How long can we continue to tahan this? There seems to be no let up by UMNO and they continue to spread unfounded fears of losing their religion to christianity and their Malay language. All the hogwash. None of these politicans talk sense. None talk about how to move Malaysia forward. It is always about protecting and saving their own race, their religion, their language and nothing else. For Pete’s sake who wants to do that? We have more important things to do. We rather spend our time on making this nation great. Sudah lah.

  3. BN’s strategy is two-pronged:

    1. UMNO will use DAP and the Chinese to scare the Malays; and
    2. MCA will use Hudud to scare the Chinese.


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