NFC scandal: PKR reveals more dirt

PKR wants Shahrizat Abdul Jalil to explain the RM534,000 Mercedes Benz and RM3 million land parcels in Putrajaya.

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition PKR affronted by Umno women’s wing chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s lashings against its party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has comeback with more muck on the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal.

This time PKR has questioned the ownership and expenses involving Shahrizat’s RM534,000 Mercedes Benz and two lots of land in Putrajaya worth RM3 million.

PKR strategic director, Rafizi Ramli who disclosed these details to reporters in parliament today said he was also seeking for Shahrizat to clarify monthly payments to a travel agency which ranged from RM1,000 to RM120,000.

“We were anticipating her response and hoped that she would be more humble but since that was not the case, we decided to add more misappropriations”, said Rafizi alluding to to Shahrizat’s tit-for-tat response to allegations of misappropriations of public funds by her family involving NFC.

This morning Shahrizat told Umno Wanita delegates that if she had to resign because of her husband, Wan Azizah should resign for Anwar’s misdeeds.

Shahrizat has maintained that her husband is innocent of any misdeeds unlike Anwar who was found guilty of sodomy charges.

Shahrizat, also the women, family, community development minister, was commenting on PKR women wing’s chief Zuraida Kamaruddin’s call, last week, for her to resign.

Shahrizat’s husband Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail is the NFC chairman. Shahrizat’s family has been accused of misusing a RM250 million government soft loan given for the NFC project.

The NFC was first highlighted as a failure by the Auditor General’s Report late last month.

PKR subsequently revealed that the centre had purchased two luxury condominium units in Bangsar and that the executive director and a fellow director had performed umrah using the company’s finances. The directors are Shahrizat’s husband and son. Shahrizat maintained her husband’s innocence in the controversy.

Money from subsidiary company

Rafizi in a press conference today said that the luxury car and the two plots of land were purchased from money transferred to the National Meat Livestocks Corporation Sdn Bhd (NMLC)’s account. NMLC is a subsidiary company which is owned by Shahrizat’s family.

Rafizi said that on Dec 9, 2009, Shahrizat’s family had purchased a Mercedes Benz CLS 350 CGI worth almost RM534,000. He claimed that the money came directly from the RM250 million soft loan allocated for the NFC program.

He also claimed that the maintenance for the car came up to almost RM20,000, which was also allegedly taken directly from the NFC bank account.

When asked if Rafizi was sure that Shahrizat’s family actually owned the said luxury vehicle, Rafizi answered in the affirmative. He added: “I am sure the cattle farmers in Gemas will not drive such a luxurious car. I am sure that the directors use the car and the directors are her family members”.

Rafizi also said that the two plots of land were purchased in Precinct 10 in Putrajaya at the price of RM3,363,507.

“I am sure the land was not bought to bred cattle… I don’t know how you can bred them in Putrajaya,” he said.

Rafizi also sought clarification over monthly transfers of funds worth RM455,423 over a span of seven months to a travel agency.

He said that 15 cheques issued from NFC’s CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad account showed that the money was transferred to Impian Global Network Services (IGNS) which offered holiday packages to Phuket, Kuching, Bandung and others.

“We have previously revealed that RM800,000 was allocated as entertainment allowances for the directors (which also includes overseas trips). But they said that the trips may be related to cattle business.

“But why is there a need for a cattle business to have such monthly expenditure to a travel agency? Who is (doing the) traveling,” asked Rafizi.

Questions over the tender process

He also raised doubts over the half million ringgit transferred to Meatworks (Singapore) Pte Ltd in July 2010. Meatworks is a company owned by one of Shahrizat’s children.

“As (Umno Youth chief) Khairy Jamaluddin had said earlier (in defending Shahrizat) that one cannot export raw meat to Singapore as it is not allowed by the country’s law, then why was RM588,585 transferred to Meatworks account,” he asked.

He added: “I have just highlighted one such transaction. I am too tired to highlight the many more transactions to Meatworks”.

He said that Shahrizat must now explain each and every of the allegations made against her to the public, or at least to the Umno delegates.

“If she is really responsible, then she wouldn’t drag Umno and its women’s wing into the fray which is essentially a private scandal,” he said.

Meanwhile PKR secretary general Saifuddin Nasution said that the tender process to award the NFC process was not truly open.

He said that the NFC was the brainchild of an undisclosed bumiputera entrepreneur way back in 2003.

“The company had approached Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi) and Negeri Sembilan state government,

“The initial plans did not require any funds from the government but only required loans from the government. The company merely requested the state government to lease a land in the Gemas farm,” he said.

However he said that company was overlooked – and was not even invited to put in a tender, – and the project was given to Shahrizat’s family.

5 thoughts on “NFC scandal: PKR reveals more dirt

  1. To begin with the mamak minister, from head to toes and in fact every inch of her is Indian, not to mention her look, called for Dr. Wan Aziah to resign for one reason and that is so the opposition will stop probing into her misdeeds..
    She is a truly an Umno made Malay and not a Allah made Malay, surely with so many millions of Malays you can find true honest Malays instead of fake Malays like the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir, the MB of Perak and this wanita chief as MalaysThis is just to name a few, instead of Allah made Malaysthese fake Malays are robbing the nation in the name of Malay.
    What kind of mathematic is this for the Umno regime to take loans at much higher rates of interest and then loan it to NFC at 2% ? Isn’t like Malaysia is flushed with cash and have no problem giving away a ‘soft’ loan’ this is truly a disguise in corruption.
    NFC has so much spare cash from the loan it can buy condo, Mercedes and land as investments that had nothing to do with what NFC was set up to do ? And I have never heard of buying a Mercedes is an investment ! Or purchasing in properties as investments,
    so many investors that the world know of have got their fingers badly or hands burnt because of these kind of speculations. If such speculations are indeed good investments then Umno should be in the investment business of buying properties instead.
    In other words the loan given to NFC is way too much and is this the kind of reason why the country will soon go bankrupt ? This is a good example why the need to have real professionals managing the country’s coffer instead of half or even quarter cooked Umno appointed morons or lackeys. Scandals after scandals and yet Najib has not learnt any thing from them and above all is doing nothing about it. Or are these the share these deceitful and corrupted Umno morons are entitled to.
    Are these what you called, you scratch my back and I scratch yours and stop asking question about the submarine deals !

  2. That is why 1Malaysia is a mockery. It is more appropriate to say Sapu Malaysia because that is what UMNO and BN flers are doing 24/7.

  3. As a non-malay, I have been hearing enough of nonsense from amno warlords for decades asking all malays to support amno supposedly to help the race to move forward.In my neighborhood my malay folks are still as humbly not well to do as ever before.Their next generation will continue to be as humbly not well to do too.But tons of millions have been given freely to these warlords to make them super rich, why can’t they just drop a few loose change to these so many underprivileged, unconnected humble malay families to make ends meet.And please, STOP showing off your disgusting wealth.

  4. Dear Readers,

    Amazing ! amazing !, D-IGP found no element of CBT in NFC? Is he insane? What is he looking for in his life? IGP post? Senator? Chairman or B.Ds of Genting? TOTO? Sweep?

    I think the latter few suits him well for his islamic faith is in question? I think TDM is wrong regarding idiots – they are many idiots around and idiots with high qualifications, and holding high position in the ruling party and in the government positions. The police force has been turned into the ‘savac’ of Iran in Shah reign reign and ‘ secret policing’ in Indonesia during Suharto’s reign lead by his ex- son in law. If I have a father of this stature I will be ashame even to be seen in public or even to be seen with my old man. A man without principles is a man who is capable to unclothes himself publicly. Shame on you.

    With those idiots around how can the country progress? Let alone for for a decent malay to ‘ cari makan’ in the land once with many promises. I really dont understand why malay leaders and those in positions claimed themselves to be islamist , but the way they conduct their everyday lives are that of a satan. This UMNO has brought our country to the dog and breeds idiots who cant differentiate between white and black. After all they are idiots?

    More and more westerners are embracing Islam, while more and more the 3rd world leaders and their followers are becoming satans and devils. If only heaven is open to everybody with no restriction on faith, (as the muslims believe, only pious and God fearing Muslims will go to heaven), then this so call heaven will be filled up with the westerners and hell will be over flow with the the 3rd world leaders and their followers and the idiots.

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