Top Catholic bishop tells non-Muslims to support hudud in Kelantan?

(Im extremely flabbergasted. I must say that Ive met Bishop Dr Paul Tan and quite impressed by his sincerity and intellect. But let’s remain focus to correct the many wrongs of the Malaysian Politics and allow the democratic process and the legislative procedures to take its democractic course when the majority of the rakyat – of all religious, cultural and ethnic background truly understand and mandate the government of the day to see through its implementation and not thro any back-door imnplementation. Shame on you, Umno leaders!!! – Dr Dzul)


Sep 23: A top Catholic bishop has thrown his support for the implementation of the Islamic criminal laws stipulating deterrent punishment on serious crimes, or hudud, in Kelantan, provided non-Muslims were given “a cast-iron guarantee that it will not be implemented on us”.

L-R: Dr Paul and Nik Aziz
In comments on the issue sparked by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s challenge to Kelantan Menteri Besar Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia, said it was wise for non-Muslims not to oppose such laws among Muslims “if they so desire”.

“I say it’s time to allow Muslims in Kelantan, if they so desire, to implement shariah only for them and with that the hudud enactments provided non-Muslims are exempt from its implementation,” online news portal Malaysiakini quoted Dr Paul, also the titular head of Catholics in the Melaka-Johor diocese, as saying.

His comments come in the wake of a statement by Mahathir that Nik Aziz should implement hudud in Kelantan now that the former was no longer the prime minister who had once sent a letter warning the PAS-led state against any attempt to introduce the Islamic laws.

In response, Nik Aziz said a prime ministerial decree would not expire with Mahathir’s resignation, and called on the current PM Najib Razak to revoke the Federal government’s earlier stance on the issue.

‘Extraordinary man’

Giving his views, Dr Paul said the issue had to do with the debate between two different Islamic schools of theology, the ‘rationalists’ or Mu’tazilites, and the ‘traditionalists’, or Ash’arites.

“I don’t know if that extraordinary man, the Kelantan menteri besar (Nik Aziz Nik Mat), is a Mutazilite or an Asharite. Sometimes he sounds like a Mu’tazilite, sometimes like an Ash’arite,” said Dr Paul, who added that such an ambiguity was “a good thing”.

“It shows he is not dogmatic. I say let him and all who hold with him have their way so long as non-Muslims have iron-clad guarantees of their exemption. I am in favour of Kelantan Muslims having hudud implemented for them only,” the portal quoted him.

Prior to this, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim (left) said he was personally in favour of hudud laws being introduced in Kelantan as it would ensure justice.

Earlier, the issue, regarded as highly contentious and which in the past created rifts between DAP and PAS, has instead laid bare cracks between MCA and UMNO.

MCA president Chua Soi Lek said the Chinese-based party would leave the Barisan Nasional coalition if UMNO supported hudud laws. This was in response to UMNO deputy president Muhyiddin Yasin’s cautioned comments on Kelantan’s long-fought battle with the Federal government over hudud, saying he was obligated as a Muslim to support hudud but differed on the timing of its implementation

9 thoughts on “Top Catholic bishop tells non-Muslims to support hudud in Kelantan?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I’m not a Christian, but I support Dr Paul Tan’s stand that if muslims Malaysians are in favour of implementing hudud laws, then non-muslims Malaysians should support on condition that its implementation is only meant for muslim Malaysians or muslims from other countries, residing or visiting Malaysia. Mind you that I’ve relatives of all faiths, be they Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, etc.

    If as the revered Kelantan MB Nik Aziz stated that it is necessary for the current PM to revoke the Federal govt former stand of not implementing Hudud laws for Malaysia, I am also in agreement with Nik Aziz on the same condition that its implementation is for Muslims only.

    1. I am a staunch supporter of Pakatan Rakyat especially PAS. However, as a non-Muslim I am against Hudud law implementation. I understand Hudud Law main purpose is to punish Muslim that breaks the law. I fear it might slowly be implemented onto non-Muslim. Who will gurantee that it’ll not be implemented onto non-Muslim? Can PAS promise that? As non-Muslim population reducing, I am not certain if we can prevent Hudud law from expanding. Also, religion is a very sensitive issue in this country. If Hudud law is implemented towards all Malaysian citizen or Muslim, can non-Muslim question, critic or discuss about the law. Also, can we ensure that the law will not be abuse or misinterpret? That’s my personal view and fear about the law. Thus, I really hope and pray that PAS leaders can understand our fear. (Please forgive if my statement hurt anybody)

      I do like PAS a lot and I’ve read your political party constitution ( which is very reasonable. Why can’t we focus on introducing Islamic value that’s share by all rakyat onto our current Civil law? I think that’ll be very reasonable for me and non-Muslim. We should not attach too much to the term “Hudud law” or “Islamic Country”. Let’s focus our energy on fighting corruption, abuse of power, justice, racism, economy, education, environment, etc.

      Currently, Kuantan residence will be facing an environmental catastrophe. UMNO government ignores the fear of the residence on Lynas Plant that threatens their health and environment. The people are helplessly on stopping Lynas Plant from processing the most toxic earth in the world. Our country is invaded by foreigners where UMNO is giving citizenship to illegal immigrants that only pledge their allegiance to their home country. What about the plight of Felda folks? Powerful politicians have been stealing the money which rightfully belongs to the Felda folks. Furthermore, UMNO is going to introduce new anti-Terrorist law which we’ve no idea how it would affect our way of life. What about the latest MRT project? We know they plan to steal the people’s money again.

      I beg our leaders let’s focus on the core problem we’re facing and not to be too attach on “Hudud law” or “Islamic Country”. We’ve different ways to help Muslim and non-Muslim. Again, please help us my beloved Pakatan leaders. I am very depressed seeing current Pakatan leaders situation. Didn’t PAS say that the Party is focusing to make Malaysia the best “Welfare state” … I think that’s very Islamic and I supported it.


  2. Hi everyone,

    Correction: “Mind you that I’ve relatives of all faiths, be they Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, etc.” should read
    “Mind you that I’ve relatives of FROM faiths, be they Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, etc.”

    My apologies for the error!

  3. I have worked for Bishop Paul Tan during his tenure as head of the Catholic Research Research Cenre more than 2 decades ago. He is a fair and upright man.

    I am not a Muslim but I support the implementation of Hudud for Muslims. Don’t we want what is good for our fellow-men?

  4. Mana boleh hudud di laksanakan YB? Yang bertentangan keras adalah mereka yg sudah,sedang dan akan mencuri duit rakyat dan kita semua tahu siapa mereka ni yg tidak malu sedikit pun melagak kekayaannya – kereta2 besar, bungalow besar, bungalow luar negara, sexy girlfriend, makan minum hotel sje,…..kesal kita rakyat miskin tak boleh buat apa-apa.

  5. I dont know much about hudud laws but if it means stoning adultress to death then I am strongly against it. I believe Islam is a religion of love and compassion and to stone a human being to death is too cruel. Where is the love and compassion. The punishment does not fit the crime. Can someone show me a site where I can know more about Hudud laws in a nut-shell. Real Muslim version not BN version version.

    1. I can understand that hudud is an issue not well understood by Muslims themselves what more to the non Muslims.. What I know is that to call upon the hudud punishment requires strict judgment and investigation.

      I’ve heard that since a country in the arab region (can’t recall which one though) implemented hudud, the number of crimes reduce drastically and it was very rare to find those punished according to the hudud ruling.

      Hudud is a preventative measure and protects the right of the victims above the evil-doer

      1. The current civil law requires strict judgement and investigation too. The issues for the failure of our current judicial system is a political problem. It’s the people that we elected for the past 50 years that corrupt and abuse the system. Thus, we should focus on reforming our judicial system.

        As for Hudud law, I’ve no qualms about it since it’s meant to punish law breaker. My only fear is people might abuse and misinterpret it. Thus, would it allowed Muslim or non-Muslim to question, critic, discuss, etc about Hudud law. Don’t you agree that anything relate to religion in Malaysia is deem sensitive? So, I fear that Malaysian citizen would not be allowed to critize the law.

        Our founding father stated in our constituition that Malaysia is a secular state. Thus, we should focus on improving our current judicial system. Malaysia is our beloved country and I hate to see BN is destroying our nation. I like PAS a lot but I just disagree with PAS intention on Hudud law.

        Note: If I made any comment that hurt readers feeling I would like apologize.


  6. Is there way we can solve Hudud Law issues? I hate to see BN stealing our country’s wealth and making racial slur. BN is using this to breakup Pakatan again. This country have a lot of problems which I believe it’s a difficult task for Pakatan to work on it. I beg Pakatan leaders to focus on bigger issues. It would take use years to fix the problem made by BN.


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