Look beyond poco-poco, Perak mufti told

(I’ve again been asked about my position on poco poco. I kept my cool. Given the myriad problems confronting the nation, all the Mufti could cough up with, is his great fatwa on poco poco. Ive refused to give any comment after talking to Vinod from the FMT. Im now taking liberty to post this in my blog as to eternalise my stance on such a triviality, when the nation is frantically looking up to religious leaders for some inkling to their burning problems that beset the nation. Extremely deplorable – Dr Dzul)

G Vinod  | <!–

March 31, 2011

–>March 31, 2011  (Free Malaysia Today).

They call upon the Perak fatwa committee to get its priorities right and understand the spirit of Islam.

KUALA LUMPUR: PAS’ Kuala Selangor MP Dzulkefly Ahmad today called upon Perak Mufti Harrussani Zakaria to get his priorities right and focus on bigger issues plaguing the nation.

Referring to the recent Perak Fatwa committee’s decision to declare the ‘poco-poco’ dance as unlawful, Dzulkefly said religious leaders should instead monitor the government to ensure it was steadfast in the path of righteousness.

“I am not defending ‘poco-poco’ but the mufti should instead address issues like good governance, integrity and rule of law. These are very important Islamic values,”said Dzulkefly who is also PAS central committee member.

On Tuesday, Harussani told a Malay daily that the state Fatwa committee decided to ban the dance as it had elements of Christianity and spirit worship.

Calling the dance ban as uncalled for, Dzulkefly said the senior mufti should put things into the right perspective, including objecting to the use of gutter politics by BN politicians, which were un-Islamic.

“This is more important now, not ‘poco-poco’.

“Islam solves the bigger issues. Once you solve the bigger problems, the smaller ones will go away by itself,”he said.

Don’t give Islam bad name

Sharing Dzulkefly’s views, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad said the Perak Fatwa committee must understand the spirit of Islam before declaring certain things as ‘haram’ (forbidden).

In Islam, Khalid said, everything is allowed unless there are specific practises within it which rendered it forbidden.

He added that at the end, it depended on the ‘niat’ (intention) of a person in doing the act that rendered a certain act as forbidden.

“For example, in ancient days kings are treated as gods but it is no longer the case now. Just because they were treated as gods in the past does not mean having kings are un-Islamic now.

“The same applies ‘poco-poco’. If a person dances to the tunes with a religious connotation in his heart, then the act can be questioned but if you dance it just for recreation then there is no problem,”said Khalid.

He called upon the state religious committee to dissect an issue thoroughly before issuing an edict to safeguard the good name of Islam.

“If not, people will have a bad impression over Islam. People may think that we cannot accept certain good things,”he said. By G Vinod


One thought on “Look beyond poco-poco, Perak mufti told

  1. 1st it was Yoga, now Poco Poco, when is the mufti going to set their priorities right, what about gambling (when UMNO try to approve another soccer gambling), and corruption (is it allowed under moslem tenets? why is there no condemnation?) If anything, BOMOH-ism is the worst contradiction in Islam (but perhaps not, since during the F1-20 [mahathir’s time], the malaysian gov’t actually get a bomoh to drive away the rain, tsk, tsk) And what about the constant news of using bomoh to find missing people / kids?

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