BMF names 49 Taib-linked companies worldwide – Kudos Malay-BN leaders!

Just as I’ve posted my “Secebis sebab mengapa PAS/Pakatan mesti menyelamatkan negara” there comes this “God-sent revelation”. As a run-up to this 13th General Election, shall we line-up the wealth of the Umno/BN Melayus’ “filthy wealth and affluence”. Hi other Melayu leaders just belt-up , as yours may be coming next! -lnilah tradisi 5 Dekad Membela Melayu dan Rakyat! – That’s Why PAS/Pakatan must empower and liberate the Malays.- Dr Dzul.

Aidila Razak, Feb 21, 11, 1:20pm

Swiss NGO Bruno Manser Fund today released a list of 49 companies located across four continents around the globe, which it claims are linked to Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud and his family.

The list includes 13 companies in Malaysia, 10 in Australia, nine in Canada, seven in Hong Kong, four in the United States, three in the British Virgin Islands, one on the island of Jersey and two in the United Kingdom.

NONE“The intention of the black list is to help the listed countries’ anti-corruption and anti-money-laundering authorities to identify and freeze illicit Taib assets in their countries,” the organisation said in a press statement today.

The list is published on its new anti-corruption website and is to be updated regularly.

BMF has also launched an online petition on the website, urging the authorities in the respective countries to investigate Taib and his family’s financial dealings and freeze their assets for subsequent restitution to the people of Sarawak.

The petition, which will be sent to the authorities in Australia, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, Hong Kong, Jersey, Malaysia, the UK and the US as well as to the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering, currently has 139 signatures.

NONEAmong the Malaysian companies listed are Borsarmulu Resort Sdn Bhd, Cahya Mata Sarawak Sdn Bhd, K&N Kenanga, Kumpulan Parabena Sdn Bhd, Mesti Bersatu Sdn Bhd, Sarawak Energy Bhd, Naim Holdings and Ta Ann Group.

Some of these companies are partly-owned by the state and are involved in state-supported projects such as the Royal Mulu Resort (above) and Murum dam.

Multimillion-ringgit property companies

azlanA considerable number of the companies listed are property development companies, including Sakti International Corporation Incorporated, which is located in the United States.

Documents published by whistleblower website Sarawak Report show that this company is worth about RM250 million.

Also listed is a Canadian group of companies, Sakto, about which Sarawak Report posted documents to prove Sakto owns property worth in excess of RM300 million.

Similar calls have been made by BMF to various European Union countries to freeze assets belonging to ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

All the countries in which the companies listed by BMF are located, including Malaysia, are signatories to and have ratified the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).

UNCAC signatories are obliged to coordinate with one another and provide mutual legal assistance in cases of funds connected with crime, even to the extent of extraditing the persons accused.

18 thoughts on “BMF names 49 Taib-linked companies worldwide – Kudos Malay-BN leaders!

  1. Sarawakians, please wake up and vote Pakatan Rakyat. Do not let your wealth be plundered! This applies to all right-thinking Malaysians as well.

    1. Watch out for the 10th Sarawak State Election. We Sarawakian will do a haris salleh (Sabah’s ex-CM) on the evil Sarawak BN !

      Pakatan will form the next Sarawak Government.

      New Government ! New Hope !

  2. The shenanigan must be shaking and shivering in his pants right ! He is , his family and his proxies are surely going to be the next on the list and these will confirm what I have been saying all along, despite his age and heart conditions, he is always going to ‘visit’ many countries.
    These visits are really to audit his investments, or shall I say they really investments belonging to the Malays which he took them in the name of the Malays. This is typical of a thief and the grand son of an untouchable pariah Indian from Kerala.
    Who came to Malaya to get rid of that pariah stigma no knowing that his grand son will become the biggest thief of all time. No wonder the shenanigan Mahathir claimed he would be proud of him if he was still alive.

  3. Each day the rest of the world is getting to know the colossal misdeeds of the BN Government. The Chief-Minister, Mahmud Taib, of Sarawak has helped Malaysia to be ranked more corrupt then before. Amazingly but not surprisingly the PM and anti-corruption authorities remained silent? The public has the right to know what action has been taken? Had it been the Penang or Selangor Government a mere mention of corruption would have ignited hell-fire from BN. Pray the next GE will overthrow BN and arrest all perceived corrupt leaders of the past and put them into jails for investigation and trial.

  4. A vote for BN is a vote for CORRUPTION & RACISM. Malaysia is for ALL MALAYSIANS & not for a handfuls of Corrupted ,racist & bigoted umNOputras/puteris including corrupted MCA,MIC,Gerakan,SUPP and other BN subservient component parties.
    Lets rebuild a BETTER Malaysia for ALL Malaysians irrespective of races,religions n creed.
    Every Vote Counts.
    Its NOW or NEVER.
    Raise the Anti Barang Naik banners & posters…display them PROMINENTLY in all kampungs and rural areas just when Parliment is dissolve or even before. We can collect donation on behalf of PAS

  5. Those illegal & devilish scheme gains of BILLIONS can build hundreds of school and clinics, a few hospital and a few Universities for Sarawakians,
    Just multiply by Sabah n Peninsula….those hundreds of BILLIONS can do alot for ALL Malaysians of ALL races.
    Yeah hunt them down . VOTE for PR.
    Every Vote Counts.
    Its NOW or NEVER.

  6. If I were a SARAWAKIAN , I shall start lobbying all ANAK SARAWAK who loves and pride themselves to come together to demand for a share of the state’s fortune. Failing which, vote for the opposition in coming election! KICK out the scoundrel leaders.

    1. There will be a change of government from the evil BN to Pakatan this coming 10th Sarawak State Election.

      After the election, Sarawak 29 BN MP will cross over to Pakatan.

      New Sarawak Government ! New Hope for Sarawakian !

  7. YB,
    How do we share the cruel hard fact on UMNO/BN plundering of our nation’s wealth with the rural and semi-rural Malay voters will be the greatest challenge come GE13. With the govt demonizing DAP and PKR, PAS will have to shoulder a greater responsibility on this. Tough it may be, we will still need to double our efforts.

  8. One last chance for Dayak YBs to quit BN and rally behind Pakatan to oust the thief minister and to reform the political structure in Sarawak and ensure the billions of ringgit plundered and siphoned off by Taib, family and cronies are returned to Sarawak and for its people ‘s benefit. Next on the list of BMF will be George Chan and Alfred Jubu, followed by the rest of UMNO warlords.

    Will Sarawak be the birth place of a French like Revolution?

  9. J Prairin, arent you ashamed of yourself now to walk with such person?Dont say George C also walk with him, that guy is a clown.Unfortunately in sarawak and sabah we have just too many clowns from all races and religions.History will record all you clowns as the blood suckers of at least 2 generations.How can you guys ever sleep peacefully at night is beyond mankind comprehension.

  10. The Federal Goverment of Malaysia @ UMNO/BN should be held fully accountable. These government are the actual theives masterminded by Mr.Mahathir@2M Administration@Look East Policy@Vision 2020@etc,etc,…allowed his cronies to dictate & his legacy is a continuation… Mr. Badawi @ Islam Hadhari was fast asleep & allowed his son-in-law to dictate.. and followed by Mr. Najib @ 1Malaysia allowing his wife to dictate ..

    These inhumane culprits & religious hypocrites have allowed, condorned & encouraged every government agencies & its ruling states from the Chief Ministers right down to the Despatch Boys to practise corruption for the sake of their personal prosperity at the expense of the poor.

    These sub-human species should be put on trial & if found guilty (without doubt) ..gallows is their right & appropriate seat.. only then, justice is served for the poor who have endured countless years of hardship.

    Larry Jay

  11. This is in addition to my 30 Police Reports worth RM30 trillions considered as national profligacy, ill gotten gains, wealth drained away by illegal and stupid leaders arising from rigged General Elections by Election Commission as corrupted. (all in the websites – just google my name)

    All these illegal leaders including the one 22 years socalled Malay with two birthdays should be charged for treason and economic sabotage and then detained in house arrest as evidence likely all destroyed/inadequate for proper court hearing when the Justice in Court is also questionable.

    Now the latest self declared Sulu Sultan also have two birthdays…

    Malaysia is heading to nihilism fast and all Malaysians cannot cry any more unless we act now.

    YDP Agung, please act now and appoint Joshua Y. C. Kong as Prime Minister of the Interim Good Governance Government of Malaysia to avoid anarchy in Malaysia going the way of other countries like Egypt…

  12. Lucifer says > I will diguised myself as Gabriel so I can fooled the Kampungs to enrich ME and my FRIENDS. But today, came ANGELINE who says ‘THOU’ have done wrong to the KAMPUNGS. thus your greeds and hypocrisy will be judge by the Innocent-Kampungs. but the sons say I do not know.

  13. Of course the umno government will not take action against Taib. In all likelihood, when things come to a head, Taib would be asked to retire. He would then be made Tun and chancellor of sarawak uni. He can then merrily manage his business empire in the open.

    Not quite now. I hope the government of the other countries commence legal action against Taib, if he had done any wrong there. Then apply to extradite Taib from malaysia to stand trail there.

  14. All you guys can go dream on and curse until the end of the world but one thing is guaranteed….NOTHING will happen, the merry will go round.

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