PAS leader calls for truce over hudud debate

Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
Aug 24, 10
PAS central committee member Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad has urged Pakatan Rakyat leaders to stop squabbling over recent claims that the coalition would implement hudud laws should they come to federal power.

Dzulkefly (left) warned that if the public spat goes on unabated, it would result in a second occurrence of an opposition coalition going into ‘self-destruct mode’, which was last seen in 2001 when DAP left the Barisan Alternatif coalition.

He said that Pakatan should be guided by its common policy framework (CPF) drawn up in December.

“Pakatan must understand what is necessary in coalition politics, which is about parties undertaking common objectives and policies,” said Dzulkefly, who is also a Pakatan leadership secretariat member, when contacted.

‘In Pakatan, we have more than enough common ground to form a broad-based policy.”

In 2001, DAP left Barisan Alternatif in a huff after PAS maintained its stand that it would create a theocratic state based on strict Islamic law and hudud, which prescribed harsh penalties such as amputation for theft and stoning to death for adultery.

Dzulkefly said Pakatan leaders must learn from history and avoid another fall-out between opposition parties.
He said Pakatan allies PAS, DAP and PKR need to focus on the CPF and their goals for the next general election, as well as respect each other’s respective ideologies.

However, the Pakatan platform should not be used to promote party positions that are not part of the CPF.

DAP and PAS to quarrel till doomsday?

Dzulkefly urged his party comrades to accept that the party was an “Islamic democratic party” that works within a democratic legislative framework.

“PAS must understand that whatever we do, we must do it with the mandate of the people. We can’t force people to accept Islam. This will trigger anxiety and fear among the non-Muslims and sometimes the Muslims.”

He stressed that hudud and the establishment of an Islamic state are not part of the CPF and should PAS have won all the seats they contested at the Parliamentary level in 2008, it would still not be able to implement them without support from their Pakatan partners.

“For the 13th general election, this agenda is not immediately relevant because we are not fighting elections by ourselves. As long as BN always exploits this dichotomy, it becomes the Achilles heel of PR.

“As long as hudud and an Islamic state are anathema to DAP while PAS opposes a secular state, and they quarrel over it forever until doomsday, BN and Umno will govern this country and we can forget about taking over the federal government.”

DAP chairperson Karpal Singh (right) and adviser Lim Kit Siang have again been locked in a war of words with PAS spiritual adviser Nik Aziz Nik Mat after the latter suggested that hudud laws would be implemented should Pakatan take federal power.

Nik Aziz said that strict Islamic laws were necessary to curb social ills, but Karpal and Lim are adamant that Malaysia’s laws clearly dictate that the country is governed by secular laws and conventions.

10 thoughts on “PAS leader calls for truce over hudud debate

  1. Agree. Stop the debate, for now.

    Resume the debate once the following elements of democracy have been restored:
    -Freedom of the media
    -Freedom of expression

    Only then we can have intellectual discourse and both sides can provide their arguments without any distortion by the BN-controlled media.

    Of course, those elements of democracy cannot be restored while Barisan Nasional is in power.

  2. Brothers, can you all pls stop counting the chicken before the egg, it’s gonna destroy the pakatan before even next GE. Sometimes you guys are really asking for trouble.

  3. Hudud tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah sosial yang kita lihat berleluasa lewat-lewat ini. Mungkin kurang sedikit, tetapi masalahnya tetap akan berapi-api. Hudud itu bagaikan meletakkan kain permaidani tebal di atas api yang panas membakar. Isu dasar dan asas tidak pula dibetulkan.

    Tuan Guru Nik Aziz seorang pemimpin yang berprinsip dan dihormati ramai termasuk saya, namun beliau bukan sempurna dan pandangan-pandangan beliau masih tidak “up-to-date” dan tidak pragmatik jika dibandingkan dengan realiti sebenar. Mungkin dari segi idealismanya, tapi realiti hidup jauh berbeza. Ini harus diterima.

    Negara demokratik yang maju dan moden seperti Sweden, Denmark dan Norway tidak mengalami masalah buang bayi dan sebagainya seperti kita. Ini negara-negara yang kita pandang rendah sebagai “kafir”, padahal penduduk mereka bermoral, ada nilai-nilai murni, sistem ekonomi dan politik yang teratur, adil dan saksama.

    Warga Malaysia berkaum Cina dan India amat kurang dan takde pun masalah buang bayi, padahal lelaki dan wanita di kalangan mereka biasa bergaul.

    Kita kena jujur dan terima bahawa masalah ni amat besar di kalangan Melayu Islam. Mungkin didikan kita itu terlalu mengkongkong, mungkin tidak menekankan pencegahan. Ini harus diubah. Islam kita di Malaysia perlu diselaraskan dengan realiti moden. Kena fleksibel. Takleh cara Arab Saudi atau Iran.

    Masalah sosial kita ni kena dikaji dahulu sebab-sebabnya dengan objektif, telus, jujur dan hati terbuka. Kemudian cadangan untuk memperbaiki haruslah cadangan yang sesuai dengan zaman kini, kenalah cadangan-cadangan yang praktikal.

    Cadangan-cadangan melulu yang diberi oleh Pemuda PAS dan ketuanya Nasrudin Hassan tidak diterima ramai, kuno dan bersandarkan nilai peribadinya sendiri yang ditolak bukan-Muslim dan segolongan warga Islam jua. Bukan semua orang Islam mempunyai ideologi atau pegangan agama yang sama dengan Nasrudin Hassan.

    Dan memang benarlah kata Karpal Singh dan Kit Siang dan memang telah diakui dan diiktiraf oleh Mahkamah negara bahawa Perlembagaan Persekutuan adalah jelas bersifat sekular. Ini harus diterima. Sekular tidak bererti “menolak agama atau menolak Islam”. Jauh daripada itu. Baca dan belajarlah sendiri apa itu sekular. Jangan jadi Pak Turut yang mendengar dan menerima buta-buta pendapat ustaz saja. Pemahamannya mungkin tidak lengkap dan diwarnai pegangan peribadinya.

  4. Liberal leaders like Dr Dzulkifly, Khalid Samad and Husam Musa and other “young Turks” are the ones who can take PAS forward through the 21st century. Other PAS leaders are hell bent on taking PAS back to the Middle Ages on very important issues affecting the rakyat. Therein lies the faultline in PAS.

    An Islamic State and Hudud laws constitute the faultline (PAS/DAP) in PR. If PAS persists in bringing these two issues to reality, PR will fracture more or less along the faultline. Dr Dzulkifly is absolutely correct. The status must be maintained until GE13 and PR forms government. Until then, it is a non-issue. Maybe in a few subsequent GEs and the rot in the country has been checked and UMNO-inspired racial politics is dead and buried, the new political landscape may allow the contending forces and the electorate decide these prickly issues, even if it means the parting of the ways for PAS and DAP. Until then, the priority is to get rid of the UMNO/BN and save Malaysia.

    Let’s hope common sense and a sense of self-preservation prevails among all PR leaders whose sights on Pytrajaya must remain steadfast.

  5. Islam is d best when democracy is at its best . As it is now it’s autocracy at it’s peak . Islam could only proves its best at d peak of democracy . Therefor dun focus on Hudud now till it’s openly discuss life on TV when PAKATAN comes into power. Focus on Pakatan’s common interest n promote ur agenda 2 d rakyat! When there’s democracy d Islamic system prevails by itself n eventually will obtain d rakyat consent in line with democracy cos democracy n socialism is a copy cat of d Islamic System of good governance as set by d Madinah Constitution. Dun let Pakatan b d victim of UBN ‘s media B smart n focus on d 13th GE TO DETHRONE UBN n topple autocracy First! When we’ve taken d federal Government n retain democracy then only we’ll c freedeom of speech 2 every one in an open discourse live on TV with TGNA, TGHA , Dr. Harun Din etc face 2 face freely with d people . This is ISLAM . ” La’iqro hafiddeen” ( There’s no compulsion in religion) as ordained in d Qur’an 2 d non muslims as far as Hudud is concerned ( opt 4 Civil Law ) . Right now in an autocratic Malaysia just protest good governance of Kelantan zero corruption as recognised by Transparency International as well as d d other Pakatan States! : : Islam Just 4 All !
    Nash Ar-Rawy ( )

  6. The first goal in Pakatan is to wrest control of Putrajaya in the 13th General Election. There is no use talking about implementing Hudud Law now. It may end up as just talk only if Pakatan loses in the 13th General Election.

    Pakatan Rakyat strategists and leaders must not waste time falling into BN’s trap. Plan and strategise for the General Election now. It cannot be too far off and may just be around the corner.

  7. I like the “an eye for an eye” part of hudud.
    If a criminal did an unjust act on someone, the victim has the right to do similar act or ask for compensation. But the best people in the eyes of God are the ones who forgive.

    Let us rule this country using god’s given logic and wisdom, clear in our conscience, that we are all equal, despite our different religion and race. For God hates the unjust and the wicked.

  8. This is the usual hiccup when religion is mixed with politics. In a multicultural society religion is a sensitive issue and the rights of every body should be respected. Dr Dzulkefly is wise enough to point out that hudud laws is not the common objective of Pakatan. It is also a question of jumping the gun which may lead to failure to capture the country in the next GE. However, it is also healthy that the intention and protest are made known in order to facilitate an agreement to work for a common cause.

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