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Najib Must Not Dance to the US’ Tune on Iran’s Civilian Nuclear Programme.

April 15, 2010

 Never mind the fact that we are now vindicated that our fear of the government rushing the Bill on the Strategic Goods Act, 2010, was in direct connection with the PM’s historic meeting President Obama, arranged by the infamous APCO Worldwide, now known to be paid RM76 million.

 It is now widely reported in the US media that the President amply congratulated Prime Minister Najib for recent action on the Strategic Goods Act, which will strengthen the ability of Malaysian authorities to take action against individuals and entities engaged in such proliferation.

 This has now become a shame, contempt and disrespect for the parliament of Malaysia.

Never mind the obvious omission of  Pakatan’s MPs on board with the PM in his meeting President Obama but instead brought along the two controversial ‘Independent’ MPs for reasons best to him and his government.But if PM Najib were to pursue the formation the Malaysia-United States (Congressional) Caucus in Washington aimed at strengthening the discourse on bilateral and regional issues by engaging Malaysia perspectives on issues of mutual interest, until there could be Pakatan Rakyat parliamentary representation or the caucus he would be launching would merely be a Barisan Nasional-US (Congressional) Caucus.

In the interest of our international reputation as well as the Prime Minister’s good name, Najib should cancel the launching of the unrepresentative Malaysian-US (Congressional) caucus only represented by BN and “independent” MPs from Malaysia on the one side and low-level Congress representatives on the part of the United States.

This would certainly embarrass himself and the nation making him and the country the butt of jokes in the Washington cocktail circuit as aptly described by YB Ipoh Timur, Mr Lim Kit Siang.

But from the perspective of some opposition members of parliament, we register out utmost disgust if Najib’s Administration were to diabolically deviate from the ‘non-alligned’ stance of our friends and comrades in the OIC, ASEAN and the NAM, insofar, as cowing down to the ‘dictates’ of the Obama’s Administration in matters of the right of Iran to pursue their nuclear programme for civilian and energy purposes.

Iran has on numerous occasions declare their pusuit on nuclear programmes limited to civilian purposes and all its nuclear activities are under the watch of the IAEA.

In a recent letter to the international nuclear watchdog, Iran informed the IAEA about the Islamic Republic’s plan to produce 20 percent enriched uranium does not contradict the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT). It is aimed at the future needs for a Tehran research reactor.

While we are for Najib’s Administration playing a positive role for a non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and the illicit trafficking of the WMD, we must categorically insist that President Obama should be unequivocal and not betray double-standard especially when it comes to the Israelist-Zionist regimme of Israel.

Consistent with our committment for a ‘non

Why is the US not proposing similar sanctions against Israel for actually producing nuclear weapons well beyond the reach of others? And why is the progress of the reduction of the nuclear arsenal held by the US itself dismally slow.

As a sovereign self respecting nation we want our Prime Minister to take a principled stand on the issue of nuclear weapon proliferation.  Already we noted with great anguish and disdain that Petronas has stopped selling gasoline to Iran in anticipation of the US sanction of all oil firms having relation with the Republic of Iran.

The US stance on Iran is hypocritical and one-sided. (And we must remember this is the country that launched an illegal war on Iraq based on total lies regarding weapons of mass destruction!). There is no reason why we have to dance to their unprincipled tune. We call upon all NAM and OIC countries to take a principled stance on the issue. Only then will the excesses of superpowers be curtailed through a truly ‘multi-lateral’ approach.

It is extremely regrettable that in his eagerness to ingratiate himself with President Obama, our Prime Minister endorsed US’ hypocritical and self-serving stance on nuclear weapons.

We want Najib to remind that President Obama should become the real “circuit-breaker”

in not only world violence on weapon of Mass Destruction but as well as all forms of State-Sponsored Terrorism.

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad                                                             Dr Michael Jayakumar Devaraj

Member of Parliament for Kuala Selangor           Member of Parliament for Sg Siput.


Tian Chua                                                                                     Charles Santiago

Member of Parliament for Batu                                    Member of Parliament for Klang


Parliament of Malaysia, 15 April, 2010.

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  1. mohamed permalink
    April 15, 2010 2:04 pm

    Dear Dr. Dzul and the rest,
    How do you know the US, or CIA or Mossad do not have something that give them the power to hold the PM’s balls…to the ire of his erstwhile wife…just thinking….

  2. jerry permalink
    April 15, 2010 4:37 pm

    *mesti ada udang di sebelah batu&*this is something which seasoned politicians should read between the lines;food for thought!I had totally stopped commenting because of many threats from*unknown *sources;perhaps only the Home minister has got their agenda well prepared in advance;even our *beloved* Pornthip also scared to come & testify;how pathetic & petrifying!

  3. soul survivor permalink
    April 15, 2010 11:54 pm

    just typical umno political-kampung image-game!just observe how the local papers react as if the world is listening to najib! malaysia has long-gone as far as international reputation is concerned.we are just part of the poltical-cacktail of the big-boys…..and yet and still umno thought they are in the international league!sigh!

  4. April 16, 2010 1:49 am

    Dear Dr Dzul,

    Totally agree with you on this matter…

    Further, we have to also realise that President Obama (with Jewish ancestory from his mother’s side) is also under “Scrutiny” from his Illuminati & Bilderberger “Masters”…

    “Indonesia–Malaysia Stand-off”

    “A political and military confrontation between Indonesia and Malaysia in the oil-rich Sulawesi Sea (both claim territorial right to the area of Ambalat) was the topic of much animated discussion among several American and European Bilderbergers during Friday afternoon cocktails.

    An American Bilderberger waving his cigar suggested using the United Nations to “further a peace policy in the region”.

    In fact, Bilderbergers at the lounge table all agreed that such a conflict might well give them an excuse to garrison the disputed area with UN “Peacekeepers” and thus ensure their ultimate control over the exploitation of this treasure, meaning untapped oil reserves….” unquote.

    UMNOputra = Ketuanan Ideology = Ketuananism = Zionism, Communism, neocons, etc

    There are more majority Balanced thinking, Intellectual, Professional, etc Practicing Muslim Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Jews, etc vs UMNOputra’s Ketuanan – ism….

    It is not the Constitution, Party, Institutions, Governments, Nations, etc rather their “Leaders, Mini Napoleons, etc” with their “Idealogy, Policy, Systems, Implementation, etc that Abused, Eroded & Destroyed OUR “Original” Constitution, their own UMNO Party, our Institutions, Government & our Nation.

    Just look at South Africa, prior to, at its Independence & initial Administration under Nelson Mandela, then vs Mbeke & South Africa now under the present President….

    Obama is the “Elected” President of the U.S – the Title is “Hard Earned” & he has all the “Attributes of a True World Class Leader”.

    Jibby is not an “Elected” Prime Minister, rather it was “Given to him on a Silver Platter”….

    Just looking closely at the photo of Jibby & Obama in N Y….

    Obama is very confident and his Body language not opened (Controlled!), whereas Jibby’s Body language, with his facial expression, legs wide apart, hands & fingers shows that he is in “Full Submission”…

    Jibby looks more like a “Beggar, begging for Forgiveness” for all his past deeds of which probably Obama has ALL the “Dossiers” in detail…

    Looking at the photo expression of Jibby, it is just like saying…..”Yes, Boss, anything you want, including my Bolehland & its Oil, etc, as long as Mama and me are not implicated in all those…., ‘cos she is my Immediate Boss & also my Mama! I miss my Mama beside me!”

    As such Jibby is now “Singing the President’s tune….!

    To add to this Nation’s woes, look who is “Talking” in Bolehland in 2010….“Birds of the same feather, so it appears to be…

    Another “Zionist equivalent” Jaguh Kampung Moron

    “APCO also drew praise from Nazri for its performance, who credited the consultancy for Najib’s meeting with US President Barack Obama as proof of its success.

    “APCO did a good job. Obama only set aside time to see Najib and (Chinese President) Hu Jintao. China is China, but Obama agreed to meet Najib.”

    “The money we pay is worth it, it is giving good returns to us,” said Nazri.

    Blame for “a generation” of bad ties with the US was then heaped on former prime ministers, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed and Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    “US will not care about us if we are not nice to them. We have to repair 22 years of Mahathir and 6 years of Pak Lah.

    You think we can undo this without spending money?” the minister quizzed.

    Nazri then trained his sights on opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s allegations that APCO was also used by “dictators throughout the world”, saying that, were the claims true, they would simply be another feather in the public relations firm’s cap.

    “I am not sure of that information… but dictators who have got the money will use the best. So what if they use APCO? It means that APCO is bloody good,” Nazri said.”

    With that kind of reasoning from this Moron, Bolehland will be “Morphed” to join the ranks of the “Pariah Dictatorship Government & Nations”…

    “Morphed by our Jaguh Kampung Morons & Advised/Dictated by the BLOODY GOOD APCO…”

    Bet you his own & son’s “Dossiers” are in APCO’s hands….so he is also singing to their tune.

    You can call it Divine Intervention, Retribution, Karma cycle or whatever else you want to….

    Looks like the Saaribu’s curse is back to haunt Jibby & “sadly” this nation as well….

    There is no way anyone Individuals, Politicians, Nations, etc can “Break-Away” from Asiasoft, APCO, etc with their “Global Partners & Tentacles”….

    APCO Worldwide :: Aleksander KwaÅ›niewski – …..member of the “Bilderberg Group”…..

    With all our Tax Money spent on APCO, the use of our RMAF Executive Jet and crew, Mama & all his/her “Gin-Bang Gravy Train Entourage”, the 5 star Hotel bills, etc, etc.…

    How come Jibby & Mama was not invited to the White House for Tea/Lunch/Dinner by Obama & Michelle….like how the 1st Lady entertained Lee Kuan Yew in KL???

    Now that would have been a complete & “True PR Coup” worth our Tax money…

    We should all be asking that question from this “Zionist equivalent” Jaguh Kampung Moron…


  5. Nak permalink
    April 16, 2010 6:01 am

    Your anti-semitic illiterate drivel is typical
    of Malay Muslim ignoramuses and is why
    Malaysia is laughed at by Singapore, China
    and the West. Your paranoia about Jews
    and Israel belies deep-seated insecurities
    and lack of self-esteem which is widespread
    among Malaysians (and not exclusively
    among Malays, but mostly among Malays).
    Your silly psychoses about Jews and Zionists
    are indicative of the mentally ill nature
    of Muslims who lack education and lash out
    like children when confronted with reality.
    Please continue to rant and rave about Zionist
    conspiracies while Israel continues to progress
    and Malaysia falters and gets left behind
    as a self-mocking Asian basketcase.

  6. zach permalink
    April 16, 2010 4:39 pm

    Now we’re not anti Jews here, Nak
    Just anti Zionist, a sect deemed deviant in Judaism

    So, my question to all UMNO asskissers(SBs, cybertroopers etc)
    Who’s the “Agen Amerika” now.huh?

  7. April 17, 2010 4:21 am


    This is what I said…..

    There are more majority Balanced thinking, Intellectual, Professional, etc Practicing Muslim Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Jews, etc vs UMNOputra’s Ketuanan – ism….

    Now we’re not anti Jews here, Nak
    Just anti Zionist, a sect deemed deviant in Judaism

  8. Black Arrow permalink
    April 23, 2010 5:19 am

    It’s not so much against Jews as against one’s own principles. Najib has no consistent principles.

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