An Open Letter to Mr 1-Malaysia-Prime Minister.

 Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, Member of the Malaysian Parliament, Kuala Selangor and Member of the PAS Central Working Committee.

May I take this opportunity to remind you that you have called yourself the 1-Malaysia Prime Minister. I have no qualms in admitting that it’s a good slogan. To be frank I thought it was almost a perfect one.

 Partisan sentiment asides, no one in his or her right frame of mind should ever entertain to reject it. But beyond rhetoric, you have now turned into an exact anti-thesis of anything except 1- Malaysia. That has become very distressing and indeed extremely deplorable.

 It would be very mean and unfair, to remind that you are the only Prime Minister in our political history that came into office carrying  huge political baggage that might have disqualified you and derailed your dream of becoming the Right Honourable PM. Despite the onerous odds, you escaped and scrapped through.Mind you, those nightmares may have faded for now but much as you wish, it couldn’t be buried forever.

But you had all the chance to be putting right all the many wrongs of your own or party’s ‘sins of omission and commissions’. It has gone past 9 months since you took the helm, the nation is wary and everyone is asking, where is the 1-Malaysia?

You shouldn’t need reminding that rhetoric without substance breeds contempt and distrust. You are dangerously treading the path of your immediate predecessor.

Much worse, you are now perceived as even weaker and perpetuating the legacy of lost opportunity by your unending flip-flopping in the typical fashion of the party you now lead.

What is ailing you Mr PM?

Did you not have the chance to correct the many years of BN’s usurpation of contractual rights of the people of Kelantan by negating the agreement between Kelantan government and Petronas?  You didn’t!

The people of Sabah and Sarawak now wonder if the corresponding ‘Vesting Deed’ by which they vested all their rights in their petroleum resources to Petronas will remain in force, once a regime change happens in East Malaysia.

You betray a very poor understanding of the ‘sanctity of contract’ and the practice of Federalism. Against this political decision, your continuous sloganeering of 1-Malaysia seems shallow and remotely caring.

Did you not have the chance to equally denounce and revamp the BTN’s overly ‘racist-indoctrination-propaganda’ on Malay supremacy, as to provide nation-rebuilding and your 1- Malaysia a chance?  Again you didn’t! It’s very scary imagining the people you actually listened to.

Did you not witness for yourself of how ‘lawlessness’ in the judiciary has become the norm and the nation quickly degenerating into Uganda and Zimbabwe? Constant overturning of judgments by superior courts smacked of unending Executive interference.

Did you not have the chance to cleanup the rot in the Judiciary after the ceaseless assault by the Executive? You had the chance but you didn’t!

You liberalised the service sector to provide the nation a chance to rekindle our nation’s competitiveness. It was quite commendable. You equally have the chance to prevent and pluck all holes of leakages by stopping abuse of power, corruption and cronyism to truly boost our competitiveness. Oddly, why didn’t you! Your selective amnesia seems baffling.

Matrade convention contract award stood as a landmark testimony to all your performance-first empty-rhetoric. Apprehending small fries in the PKFZ-mother-of-all-scandal and allowing sharks to roam freely in Malaysian murky waters doesn’t augur well and at loggerheads with the effort to stamp off corruption, reminiscent of the earlier half hearted-war on corruption.

Now you have the chance to evade the looming battle on the usage of the name of Allah by adherents of other faiths. Very regrettably you don’t until it now has escalated to arson attack on 10 places of worships of the Christians and Sikhs?

Quite on the contrary and to everyone’s surprise, you consented to a demonstration by a deluge of disgruntled protestors to vent their anger and worse still, in mosques.

By so doing you are stoking flames of religious dissension and apparently condoning hard-liner’s stance. Isn’t this a great disservice to Islam? Isn’t this a great disservice to Allah? You have in fact fuelled the fire of religious bigotry.

You are in fact planting the seeds of extremism and discords in young Malaysian minds. Isn’t this diametrically opposed to your rhetoric of 1-Malaysia?

We couldn’t be faulted if we now perceive you as irresponsibly opening that flood-gate of self-destruction.

Were you totally oblivious of the far reaching ramifications of your action? Were you not aware of encouraging intimidation and violence as means to resolve religious differences in our truly plural society? Perhaps you weren’t.

That’s bad news for 1-Malaysia.

Finally, who are you really afraid of? Are we to understand that you are after all afraid of the party that you now lead? Are you really in control? Didn’t Pak Lah have all the good intention of putting the two decades of Tun M’s misdoings and failed for the same reason?

Are we witnessing a failing 1-Malaysia Mr PM?



39 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Mr 1-Malaysia-Prime Minister.

  1. Your article is very very true. Thank God you are not the other Zulkifli (I always get mixed up) who is always very racist, at first I dreaded reading this.
    When I see him speak on TV it is so insincere and disgusting esp. when the slogan can be seen and heard everywhere and everything he does is politically connected and has nothing to do with our welfare at all and some acts are totally divisive, it is downright hypocritical.

  2. This so-called 1Malaysia is but rhetoric. I can almost see that the ideal is he (Najib & Rosmah co..unlimited.) wanted to grab and control everything in Malaysia. That is his concept of 1Malaysia, if you could disagreed with me. hahaha..long live PAS and Dr. Dzulkefly.

    to be cont..

  3. Dear Bro zul,

    you are wasting your time pleading with the devil. The slogan they wanted to reveal was “malaysia, my one”.

    Unfortunately, the leader of the opposition seems to be like our PM as well. You’d better keep a keen eye on DSAI. If possible, replace him with a righteous and just person, who will remain steadfast, and stand above family, race and religion.

      1. An alternative way of looking at the slogan:
        I 1 1 Malaysia ( I want 1 Malaysia, i.e. I want the whole Malaysia)

  4. Dr,
    You must have written this letter with Divine Inspiration. One must have strong spiritual force within and formed conscience to write as you did.
    There isn’t one word here that goes against God’s Will.
    Thank You

  5. Dr Dzul, we the rakyat have given up on the BN govt…there is nothing in it for us. I cannot recall anything positive of his tenure thus far but the negatives are aplenty. He is definitely playing with fire with the latest Allah issue and will be repenting in leisure when he burns in hell. VOTE PAKATAN!!

  6. Before my mentor Mr M G G Pillai passed away, May ALLAH have mercy on his soul and may he Rest in Peace, he told me one thing, Selva if there is a political party in Malaysia you intend to join, make sure you join PAS.

    It took me awhile to digest what MGG had told me. When finally I decided that PAS was the party for me MGG was already gone.

    Many months ago, I told my buddy Raja Petra that I have finally decided to join PAS and wanted him to atur my membership but had been overtaken by events.

    After reading your piece I’m again rejuvenated all over again. Thank you for the memories and the rejuvenation.

    Will see you some days Dr.

    1. Sdr Selva and all, you humbled us by your gracious words and kind wishes. May the Almighty Allah provide us the strength and the extra mile to walk on His path.

      Best Wishes and Kind Regards. DA.

  7. only the rakyat can throw away this evil BN. however if the rakyat still don’t use their brain and easily being manipulated, our beloved country will keep on going south.

  8. What a blessing to have you as one of our beacons of hope that shines with truth, sincerity and compassion to all of us in these dark times of desperation. Malaysia needs more leaders like you. Bravo Dr Dzul!!!

  9. This Open Letter must be included in all future history books for Malaysia school!

    God bless you, Yang Berkhidmat Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad

  10. I’ll tell you what’s ailing Najib – If he tries to change things, UMNO will whack him off like they did Badawi!

    We’ll just have to vote them off come GE 2012.

    “Hidup ceria tanpa UMNO!”

  11. Dear Dr,
    You seem to have the right attifude regarding islam and other related matters. Just look to the Quraan and Hadis not the so called schoars who have distorted the teachings to achieve their political masters will. Be brave and speak the truth all the time, even if it means that it will destroy your ownself.

  12. I used to be afraid of PAS political ideologies in the past because of lack of access to alternative media on the stands taken by PAS leaders on major issues affecting average Malaysians, but just relied on MSM propaganda which were biased and against the oppositions. With your well written open letter to PM which is so rational and people centric, I am now convinced that there is hope for us to change our existing government comes next election. Keep it up dear Dr. We will make it !

  13. Dear Dr. zul,
    Najib slogan 1 Malaysia is the same as previous abdullah slogan ‘ work with me to combat corruption”. this is only a slogan to hoodwink all our kampong rakyat or stupid cina men.Please ask and challenge Najib whether did he implement any of his 1 Malaysia slogan into any govt policy. so far we only hear on the radio 1 Malaysia or rakyat di utamakan. Did he implement rakyat di utamakan ?Did he implement 1 malaysia concept into any of the govt dept, agencies, education,economy, social, contracts or others?
    The answer is NO because the PM himself is walking alone and he himself is carrying a lot of corruption baggage, mongolian case, arms deal case before being PM. He did not clear his name before being PM. UMNO warload did not support his 1 malaysia slogan .It is a matter of time that he will step down himself because a lot of background plot is hatchng behind his back and waiting for him to step on the hole. The Allah case is 1 of the plot planted by his UMNO enemies waiting to take over his place. If he lose the next GE, then his enemies will definate ask him to step down same as previous Abdullah. the writing is already shown by ALLAH on Jan 2010 whereby UMNO name plate in wisma PWTC umno building drop off, remaining only NO on the building and now suddenly the Allah issue crop up again. so this is already a sign by ALLAH to punish UMNO in the coming GE.

  14. Ribuan Terima Kasih Dr for the effort given in sending these messages to our useless last UNMO PM!
    I have been associated with Pas since I was a small kid of Chinese origin. Today, I am 60 and Pas never even try to convert me even though my Islam’s knowledge is 100 time better than some top “Muslim in Unmo”. I fall in love with Pas, period!

  15. Many thks to U, Dr Zul for writing this letter. U R rite in many ways and am sure alot of Malaysian feel d same! I would agree with one of the readers that PAS as party has changed and being accommodative for all Malaysian. If this continues, V shld see d installation of a new Govt. soon! Shabas Dr Zul…

  16. Dear Dr. Zul first of all my utmost wishes may God grant u a very long life n pink of health. The truth is people has forgotten the value of unity due to thier selfishness. It is very much a relief to read n to know ur vision in ur writting. Pls do get us involve in any if u need my contribution into ur work to make our country a better place to live.

  17. I am a Malaysian Chinese who I grown up in a Malay community. I speak Malay with my parents as my mother tongue though my mom is a Malaysian Chinese and so does my dad. We have no problem to use the ‘Allah’ word for God, because He is One. Whether there are two or three it does not matter for others, but in Islam (in which I was influenced by my Malay community), Allah has 99 names and Muslims must remember those names. This has made me I very impressed with YB Khalid Samad’s and Marina Mahathir talk in 101 East Well said and balanced. Thumbs up to both of you, Khalid and Marina.

    However, on the other hand, Muhammad Faisal and Yusri Mohamad talked really rubbish and do they know what are they talking about? Such as, Yusri used “Thank God” (at 16:38). Why he did not say “Thank Allah”? Is he still a Muslim by saying “Thank God”? What special privileges that he has to say so? Does “God” belong to the other religion and Muslim cannot use it and must use ‘Allah’?

    In due respect, please remove those extremists and corruptionist from this beautiful nation. We do not want them actually. So, we ought to use our rights wisely in the next GE.

    My wish (do’a) for the up coming GE is wanting PAS, DAP and PKR to be harmonized, collaborated and united. Show your that you are competent (capable professionally), accountable (directly responsible) and transparent (sincere). Amin.

  18. Many thanks MR.ZUL, sir, I would like to see it happen that PAS with PR will rule this country very soon. It is a shame for me that i took 50 years to understnd PAS and the idealogy. Sorry SIR.

  19. I agree with Defender Malaysia.

    The PM himself is walking alone and he himself is carrying a lot of corruption baggage, mongolian case, arms deal case before being PM. He did not clear his name before being PM.

  20. Long time ago I already knew that PAS is the only party that will honor and keep its promises to all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion. Well done Dr.Zul.

  21. You and hopefully more of politicians like you in the BA alliance will give me confidence that we have an alternative choice in the next GE. We do need a change extremely badly so that Malaysia will thrive on. Hidup malaysia!

  22. Dr Zul,
    Thank you for the truth. It is not easy to find a Malay gentleman to write such an article. Good for PAS & new Malaysia.
    I am afraid Malaysia future is already cast in stone.
    Even if PR win the next GE with a majority it will not form a government. UMNO has already planned not to give up power. Najib will do the same as his father ; declare a national emergency and suspend parliament. Bring out the army and impose curfew.
    The Allah issue is just the starting point and eventually Malaysia will turn into another Pakistan, a Muslim country (not Uganda or Zimbabee – they are Christian countries)
    I have seen all this before in 1969-1970. I left Malaysia then and I am now living in UK.
    However, there may be another option. With this Allah issue burning, Sabah & Sarawak could exit Malaysia and join up with Singapore. Then this will really kill of UMNO and Ketuanan Melayu like a poison.
    Does PR has Plan B to combat the suspend of parliament?
    Good luck

  23. UMNO has always tried to to show itself to be more “Islamic” than PAS in order to keep secure for itself the Malay Muslim vote. So the UMNOputras condone protests by hotheads against Christians and others using the word “Allah” thinking that PAS would do the same..PAS however has shown its maturity by maintaining that it is appropriate for people of the book to use the word when referring to the one true God. In being blinded by the false gods of money and power, OMNO has let itself to be wrong-footed by PAS.

    The UMNOputras have not only shown themselves to be confused (talk about not confusing the faithful), unreasonable, and not very bright, they will pay for their stupidity at the ballot box.

  24. In this time of crisis after crisis, Malaysia needs Anwar, Husam, Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz to take over the reins, to pull Malaysia together. The country is like a Jumbo 747 going down without engines or pilot.

    Leaders such as Najib, Musa, Patail, Zaki, Muhiyiddin and agong are totally useless.

    Without Anwar to take over and run the country, things will get worse, Malaysia is a laughing stock internationally.

    But tragically, Anwar will never be allowed to rule because Barisan,Umno and agong are holding the country to ransom and will do anything to hang on, even murder.


  25. Zul
    Only Anwar, Husam, Zaid, LKS, Nik Aziz are the only ones capable of pulling Malaysia together again.


    Because the GE will be fraud again, and Barisan will do anything to win even if they have to fck your mother, to put it bluntly.
    Mlaysia is drunk in crisis after crisis and Barisan-made obscenities.

    PR must think of other drastic ways to boot out Najib and his dirty rotten gang.

    one way is this: a few courageous polis or army arrest these people simultaneously- Rosmah, Najib, Musa, Patail, Zaki, Muhiyiddin, agong. And then declare state of emergency.

    Malaysia needs a thunder shake and put a stop to the rotten filth.

  26. Hi, Doc, This is refreshing indeed.
    Your piece supports my view that there are also solid guys among the Pakatan.
    I agree with the guy who innuendoed that a credible leader should not be someone with any heavy baggage on his back.
    On this score, pse look inwards at your coalition if you are to get anywhere.
    I wish you all the best.

  27. Dear Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad,

    Spot on.

    As a card carrying member of the political party MIC, I did have some hope that PM Najib could start making the difference for the country. I’m trully sorry that over the nine months the PM seems to have make one policy misstep after another. He cannot seem to get his play right.

    We are loosing FDIs and the business confidence within the country is dismal. Every issue has a ‘them’ and ‘us’ factor. We are attracting international interest not for the right reasons but, for the dumb acts of of the few that the Government to all appearances is unable/unwilling to fault.

    If these acts are laughable, it may not matter, however we have serious issues- death in police custody, massive corruption, abuse of power..and the list is a lengthy one, most unfortunately.

    Now the mishandling in the case who/what/when has the rights to the name of ‘GOD’.

    I like your letter. The PM should read it and ponder the direction he and his cabinet should take Malaysia.


  28. Mengapa anda menghapuskan pandangan saya?

    Aku hanya mengatakan saya muak dengan Barisan.
    Aku berkata lagi, Anwar akan pernah menjadi PM kerana Barisan akan melakukan apa sahaja untuk bertahan pada kuasa termasuk pembunuhan, memenjarakan, penipuan, penipuan pilihanraya, bahkan meniduri ibumu.

    Saya yakin Anwar akan menjadi sangat jujur dan penyayang AM tapi dia tidak akan pernah menjadi AM

  29. When I was in the Armed Forces I had the opportunity to meet an officer from Kor Agama Angkatan Tentera (KAGAT) who was an Islamic Graduate from UM. He was from Kelantan.

    Before I met him I heard many scary stories of “purported” Kelantanese religious fanatics, of course from non-Kelantan Malays who are from other states.

    After I met him my impression totally changed, he was just the opposite of what the real religious fanatics were. He was open, able to debate with me about religion etc. One particular incident impressed me very much. He was a bachelor and hence staying in the officers mess quarters. During one function, I asked him to hand me a can of beer which was in the fridge closer to him. (I don’t drink but I wanted to “catch” him). He handed me a can of unopened beer. I told him “You just committed a great sin!!!” (with great joy of course) His explanation was so beautiful. He said that his job is to advice me that alcohol is “haram” and he has done that but the choice of whether to dring or not is mine alone. Also, he said that he handed me the beer since I requested from him “as a friend” BUT in the process of him handing me the beer, if he makes a profit of one sen, he commits a greater sin!!!

    Today when I meet Malays, I am sure to ask where they are from and if they are from Kelantan then I am really glad and am able to talk freely with them.

    Tok Guru is my idol and even though I am old I am praying that I will be able to “salam” him before I meet my maker.

    PAS is NOT made up of fanatics, the real scholars are not the fanatics but only the “half past six” muslims who put their own interests before the religion.

    I am a Christian by faith, have heard many ceramas and even voluntarily attended religious lectures during my cadet days. If only the Muslims practice what they preach, this would be a better world.

    I salute you Dr. Zul and hope that many more like you will one day lead this nation forward.

  30. DR,


  31. Actually we all being cheated by the Barisan because earlier we do not have any access for news. The only communication channel was through the mainstream media. After 50 years of independence, and as the technology of communication progress, we have the accessibility for the ‘other side of the stories’ in which we were exposed to more sensational untold stories. These untold stories have been unfolded slowly and I believed GOD wants us to know the facts of how BN propagated their agenda.
    It doesn’t matter who governs the country as long they rule this country religiously.

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