1 Syawwal 1430H – Salam Aidilfitri


Salam Aidilfitri untuk Semua,

Hopefully you have had a fulfilling ramadhan. Truly fulfilling…mensucikan jiwa dan memerdekakan minda! (purifying the souls and liberating the minds).

And others, friends dan believers of other faiths, as well who care to join our fasting month….ada ramai juga. Yes, my apology for not engaging earlier. No excuses forwarded, simply didn’t put enough efforts.

With the myriad of issues at hand and abound. I was dreadfully silent..yes deafening silence perhaps. Now N31 Bagan Pinang, NS, roaring to be the next ‘war zone’-the next by-election, letih juga dibuatnya. Tambahan kena lantik jadi pengarah operasi PRKnya.

That’s politics in Malaysia. Ada yg kata a week is too long in Malaysian politics- the most exciting political arena on earth right now.

For the backlog of issues to comment, simply don’t know where to start. But I have taken liberty to finally end my own gag-order again on the issue now raging in Selangor PAS-PR-the Selcat. The last time when i broke my silence on Unity Govt, I was severely reprimanded, but many thought the writng on Kerajaan Perpaduan-Mana Silapnya, was most timely at least academically, especially after dah semua setuju nak tolak UG. Tapi lain halnya.

Now I want to say that it’s wrong for anyone, much worse a state leader from any component party of the Pakatan to pass judgement and criticism abt conducts of state affairs as if they are not one of them and as if oblivious of its detrimental impact on Pakatan.

I ‘ve taken liberty to upload all those media statements I made in support of pas/pr colleagues who contested actions that we perceived as subverting the nascent Coalition of PR.

I have yet to sit down to write my piece on this issue but would rather not waste my precious time. Issues abound and aplenty. If anything, we should be directing our resources/bullets at our politcal nemesis. But it seems we are relentlesly and blissfully shooting at each others’ feet.

Sampai bila nak jadi begini? Kalau tak faham lagi, let me say it again. Kalau PR couldn’t put our actions in tandem, forever, sampai kiamat, Umno/BN akan memerintah negara ini. And we do it at our own perils!

Mungkin ramai yg lebih mahu begitu, at least that’s what their actions denote and convey. If we have friends and colleagues, who keep on being consistently inconsistent, out of ignorance, however well intended, sebenarnya, we do not need anymore political enemies!

Cukup sekadar ini dulu.

Berhati-hati di jalan raya. Negara kita ini lebih teruk dari war zones di Palestin dan Iraq. Ramai yg dah maut. Saya pun tak tahu mana silap. Ops segala Ops masih begitu, bahkan lebih teruk. Ini yang jadi nak buat kesimpulan simplistik ini…walaupun semua tahu sebab kemalangan memang multi-factorial..

tapi rasanya…lebuhraya dan jalanraya kita terlalu ‘panas’…sebab rasuahnya..nah kan dah tak rasional..tak empirical.

Betul lah memang tak ada kajian untuk verify correlation ‘Rasuah dan Mortality/Morbidity Kemalangan’ jalan raya, tapi renungan saya utk kesekian kalinya, believe you me, I couldn’t escape being ‘irrational’ sometimes, especially when I’m leveraging on my right intuitive brain….ni firasat, basirah dan Ilham Ilahi kot.. But I dare you to think of it, of course besides all the other multi-factorial reasons..pathetic attitudinal apathetic drivers, unbridled Malaysian ego on the roads etc., memang ada kebenarannya…hilangnya ‘keberkatan’ dalam urusan pentadbiran hidup..

Cukup untuk kali ini, promise to come back soonest… meanwhile peruse my statements let me have your take on my various media comments, been quite patient enuf readings others’..I thought I must share my 2-cents worth too.

Salaam Raya Semua! Maaf atas segala kesilapan jika ada.

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